Personalized Chrome like Tab now on Firefox with Google Toolbar 5!

firefox One of the most liked and appreciated feature in Google Chrome is, it shows thumbnails of 10 most viewed pages while opening a new tab. A preview of one such page is available on the bottom of this post as well.

If you too like the same feature in Chrome, but don’t want to skip using Mozilla Firefox, then its time for you to cheer up. As the latest beta release of Google toolbar 5 for Firefox has included the same feature for Firefox users too! Including the option to show thumbnails of 9 most viewed sites, it has many more features, which you can check here.

google toolbar

To get such Chrome like tab view in firefox, you just need to install the latest beta release of Google toolbar and you are done. 🙂

Link: Google Toolbar 5 Download | New Features

[Via Official Google Blog]

One Comment

Deepesh Sodhi February 2, 2009

I use Speed Dial add-on for the same.
and I press ‘[ctrl]3’ to directly dial into gmail, while ‘[ctrl][shift]5’ to directly dial into gmail in a new tab.

Never used chrome…so can’t compare!

Fast dial is another add-on for the same utility.

It would be interesting to compare these Add-ons…with Google toolbar 5!

By the way from the title of the post ,,, I thought Google toolbar brings out the tab bar over the address bar (like in chrome).. reading the post I was little disappointed as it talks about a “fast dial” utility for which we already have Add-ons in firefox.