PhotoRem: Upload, Edit and Share Photos and Videos online

PhotoRem is a multi functional web service that lets you upload, edit, share, manage your photos and videos. The awesome thing about this service is there is no limit to upload the photos. You can upload unlimited amount of photographs.

To get started with the service, you need to sign up. After sign up process, sign in with your login credentials.

On left you’ll find options to search and load the pictures and YouTube videos. There are other categories also in which you’ll get preloaded images.


Click on the image thumbnail on the left, and it will appear in larger view on the right. You’ll get an editor mode to edit the image, You can embed photograph, mail to anyone, scale, rotate, add notes, crop, zoom, apply filters to the photograph.

photorem edit

There is an option to upload presentations. You can make your own presentation ((PDF / DOC / XLS format) with the help of webcam. This site also provides easy sharing option. You can share those images and videos over social networking sites (Twitter, Orkut, and Facebook).

This site has hassle free user interface. It supports FLV, MOV, and MP4 video formats. Other users can view and comment on your images easily.

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Check out PhotoRem and do drop in your comments about it and if you prefer any other alternatives.