How to Post your Updates to Google+ via SMS

In India, a lot of people still love using SMS to communicate which is pretty cheap. Google+ has now allowed users the option of getting notifications on their phone via SMS. The best part is that we can also share an update on Google+ by just sending out a text message (SMS).

Adding and Verifying your Mobile phone to Google+

  • Visit the Google+ SMS Landing page and click on “Activate Now”.
  • This will take your to your Google+ settings. Look under ‘Notification Delivery’ where you will be able to add a phone number.

  •  A Verification Code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code and your phone is verified for your Google+ account.
  • Now you will see a new option for notification which includes Phone. Make sure you select only the ones you want to be notified about on your phone as you probably do not want too many text updates on your phones.

Updating Google+ with an SMS

Now that your phone number is verified there is also the option to update your Google+ account with an SMS.

If you are in India you need to send the SMS to 9222 2222 22. Ideally when you verify your number you will get the phone number you need to send the SMS to, for updating Google+.

Here are some simple commands for updating via SMS

  • If you only send an update via text message it is shared with everyone you have on your Google+ Circles.
  • To share a post publicly: Type +Public in your message.
  • To share a post with a particular circle: Type +Circle Name in your message.
  • You can check more SMS commands at this help page.

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One Comment

Sajitha ( April 21, 2012

When Google+ launched in June last year, SMS features were available in India and the US. Today Google+ SMS is expanded to 41 new countries. I think now more people use this Google+ SMS feature. Kudos to Aditya Kane.