Quick Online Tool to Create GIF Images in 5 Minutes!

Make_a_GIFI often end up making videos when there is a lot to explain and words become insufficient. But sometimes a video is going too far and a good idea is to create GIF for 3-4 images.

Such presentations can be done with GIF images to better explain something. I came across Make A Gif which allows creating Animated GIFs in a quick and simple way.

Make A GIF Features


  • Click on Add Pictures and add the images you want in the GIF animation. You can arrange them as you wish once they are uploaded.
  • The images once added can be cropped to smaller size or enlarged. I could even customize a width and height all the images had to adhere too.
  • Once done, the GIF image can be copied uploaded on your blog,

Example of GIF image:


There is a watermark created but we can also sign-up on Make A GIF via Twitter or Facebook. If you have signed up and registered we can create GIF images without any watermark and also have better quality.

Do you know of similar tools to create GIF animations online? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Make a GIF