Quixapp – A Single Bookmarklet to Replace all Browser Addons!

Use Quixapp which allows a whole range of text commands that can replace many common addons and extensions. This will help speed up your browser.

quixapp_bookmarlets_logoIf you are working online a lot, your browser will probably have a lot of add-ons or extensions. This can invariably slow down your browser and end up hogging resources. A decent alternative to extensions are bookmarklets. But after a point, one has to wonder how many bookmarklets will you really keep on your browser.

A good solution is using Quixapp. It allows carrying out some tasks by just typing in certain commands.

Quixapp Features

  • First go ahead and drag and drop Quixapp bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmark folder.
  • Quixapp allows you to enter text commands to carry out various functions or access other websites. Just click on the Quixapp bookmarklet on your browser and type in “help”. This will show you a list of built-in commands that can be used.
  • For example if I am searching for a video about Chrome on YouTube, I do not have to visit YouTube but just type in “yt Chrome” and the tab will reload with relevant search results.
  • Also as seen in image below, we can see how just typing in “nofollow”, highlighted the nofollow links on a website. 🙂

Get the complete list of commands from here. Quixapp is created by SEO and WordPress geek, Yoast – it has a lot of nifty commands for WordPress users. 🙂

Since I have started using Quixapp, I have certainly cleared my browser of many extensions and bookmarklets. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Quixapp