Facebook and Twitter Tells Google “Don’t be Evil” With Search Tool

Google has recently started ringed in a lot of Google+ results into it’s search results. It introduced personalized results which show up when users are signed in. Twitter had its issues with the new results as it felt Google was being partial to Google+ results. For example when we search for the term ‘Facebook’ on […]

A visual way to bookmark parts of a webpage with Wozaik

Most times when we use our browser we use tabs. Even if the pages are well known to use we need to use part of one page like Google search along with keeping an eye on the news. I found a nice way to visually bookmark parts of a page rather than the full page. This gives us a mosaic like webpage which has parts of other webpages to quickly and instantly use different features from different sources all in one place.

Bookmarklet Combiner: Combine all bookmarklets on a browser into a single one

Bookmarklets are often used by people like me who share things on social networks or bookmark a website on Delicious or for that matter even for subscribing to its RSS feed.
I recently came across Bookmarklet Combiner which allowed me to combine all my bookmarklets into one single bookmarklet on the browser.