Read RSS feeds in an interactive way with RSS Voyage

While you have apps like Flipboard, which lets consume information in a interactive way on mobile, there are not much options when it comes to desktop. You’re either stuck with Google Reader or some desktop RSS reader, they are definitely good apps, but no where near the interactiveness of mobile RSS readers. RSS Voyage tries to solve this.

RSS Voyage
RSS Voyage

In RSS Voyage, you get all the posts scattered in 3D space, which can be browsed using your mouse wheel (or touchpad scroll, in case of laptop), and keyboard arrows. You get a small excerpt of the posts, and you need to go to the website for the full article (for both full, and partial feeds).

You can add RSS feeds you want by signing up for the site and logging in, but there’s no way to upload an OPML file, which really matters if you have too many feeds to subscribe to. For an immersive experience, you can try the full screen option.

And in case, you’re wondering, the site is built using Flash, one of the most underrated technologies. This is not an alternative for RSS readers out there, but definitely worth using when you’re bored out of one. Also, we’ve covered quite a few tools regarding RSS and Google Reader here at DW.

Link: RSS Voyage