ReadAir – Desktop Application for Online Google Reader!

ReadAir Logo Google Reader is favorite feed reader for many, but some people are just not comfortable with any online reader. As most of them AJAX apps and consumes high amount of memory. But on the other hand, online readers offers you advantage of being available from anywhere!

Now a new app built on Adobe Air platform, ReadAir successfully brings Google Reader to your Windows/Mac/Linux desktop. Yes, as Adobe Air is available for all major operating systems, ReadAir automatically becomes available for all desktop users.

Below is screenshot of my ReadAir – Google Reader…

ReadAir Screenshot

Key Features:

  • Full synchronization with Google Reader Account
  • Add/Remove/Manage tags
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe from feeds
  • Search your feeds
  • User preferences

As of now ReadAir does not support offline mode, so you need to be connected to Internet to get feed contents. But for offline reading, you can use offline mode feature in Google Reader as described here.

Also I have noticed YouTube videos are not showing-up in ReadAir. They smoothly run in online Google Reader. The project have few small open issues like support for custom keyboard shortcut but overall its really nice, specially if you are waiting for Google to launch a desktop feed reader! 🙂

Link: ReadAir (requires: Adobe Air)

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Pavan Kumar May 16, 2008

That’s a nice one… lets see how it works for me..

Rahul Bansal May 17, 2008

It worked nice in my testing.
It will be good if they support offline mode soon.
That way even people with dial-up or slow internet connection can use Google Reader