Use instant search with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr in one place

One stop shop for using Google Instant like search features with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia and other common and famous web services.

Google instant has been a hit and we have had many spin-off versions of it with Instant YouTube and also playing instant videos and adding to a list.

Sometimes I like using search on Twitter with Google Instant. Now Google has spoilt me and I want Twitter search to be instant. I tried doing that on Google search by using the “site:” operator but once that is entered instant results do not show up.

With Instantise I could get instant results with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and many more sites with content.

Features of Instantise

  • Just visit the Instantise web-page. It opens with Google search page with options at the top to navigate.
  • At the top you can choose from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. I could also carry out of an instant search of RSS Feeds, Flickr photos and even Wikipedia.
  • At the moment the search does not show up the suggest feature and only shows instantaneous results of the search query. The site developer claims to update the new feature sometime soon.

This is basically borrowing of ideas Google Instant and applying to different portals. This one stop shop for instant results is handy and personally I like using Wikipedia search with its instant results.

Do you like instant search more than normal search? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Instantise

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vicky November 2, 2010

thank you for the info dude great work.