Repair Internet Explorer with IE Utility

A couple of days ago I came across a great software to fix the Internet Explorer browser. I did not have the opportunity to test it until yesterday when a friend had his IE browser crashing. It is called IE Utility which fixes the Internet Explorer browser by re-registering 89 .dll and .ocx files.


IE Utility

  • All I needed to do was download the .zip file. Extract its contents and run IE Utility.
  • It registered the .dll and .ocx files and fixed the IE browser which was crashing.
  • This is a great utility for systems which have suffered malware attacks and have their IE browser acting up.
  • Usual method of restoring the browser is to re-install it. This is not easy especially with Vista. Also re-registering .dll files by using .bat files can be quite tedious and confusing.
  • IE Utility does this all by itself after you run the software. It works with IE7 and IE8 on Vista and Windows7.

IE Utility can be download from The Windows Club a website owned by Anand Khanse and IE Utility is developed by Raghu Boddu.

Links: The Windows Club


Emad November 5, 2009

Thanks a lot nice sharing keep it up

aatif April 23, 2010

nice share , this is help ful for me as my internet explorer doing lots of malfunctioning .

Can Kaya August 18, 2011

it is usefull forme and thanks