SnapPages Resume – Create Your Resume Website within Minutes!

Young people when they go to college tend to discover Twitter and Facebook. When they graduate they discover LinkedIn. The network of friends and colleagues can keep growing and many times people actually get offered jobs after head-hunter come across them on LinkedIn.

But if you want something more personal, like your own online web resume, complete with a contact form, SnapPages does exactly that. It creates an online version of your resume by  borrowing some vital information from your LinkedIn account.


SnapPages Resume Features

  • First up make sure you have a LinkedIn account. Then create your SnapPages account by visiting SnapPages.
  • Now visit their Resume Wizard page. Then connect your LinkedIn account to SnapPages.
  • I could also add Skype and Twitter handles to the resume.
  • Now SnapPages will create your online resume automatically, taking information form LinkedIn and assimilating it differently.
  • I really liked the contact me tab of the online resume which allows people to send you an email to contact you. This way you do not need to put your email up publicly.

For people who want a simple online resume that is displayed impressively, SnapPages Resume might be quite useful. As a demo you can check my profile here.

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Link: SnapPages Resume