How to write a professional Resume in 2 minutes?

Almost 3 months ago when I had just given my engineering exams and was waiting for the results to be out, I thought of searching for a job. To get a job you need to have a resume, and that’s where I got stuck. With all sort of different views around me, and different people it all just added to confusion. Some suggested resume building services but they were charging money for it. So, I was kind of searching for something like a resume builder but free and I found one. 🙂

It asks you to login using your email account and password. Once given your email id and password you have to confirm it.

There are mainly three sections:

  • Compose: Here you can add the sections or remove them from your résumé.
  • Design: You can decide on the format or design of the résumé.
  • Preview: You can see how your résumé looks.

Why should you use this service?

  • You can add or remove any field any time.
  • Once the résumé is made, you can save it.
  • You can download it under Publish as a PDF or as a Docx file.

How to use it?

  • Go here.
  • Start writing your résumé.

The only thing that can be wrong here is that Jobspice can spam you with job mails that you do not want, in that case I will suggest you to make an email id for login purpose that is gone in only 60 minutes.

The usage is very simple and good. Do you know any other such free resume service? Feel free to share it with me through the comments below.

Link: JobSpice

Published by Himadri Dimri

Editor - rtBlogs Network