RssBirthday never lets you forget important anniversaries!

clip_image002How often do you forget birthdays and anniversaries? Please tell me “very often” because then I will not be the only one here feeling guilty about missing an old friend’s birthday. I am terrible at remembering dates. I keep going to my Orkut account, only to check the upcoming birthdays. But how much can you trust that? Not everyone would have added their birthdays to their profiles. Moreover, not everyone I know and want to remember the anniversaries of are on social networking sites!

I have now realized (better late than never!) that it wouldn’t really hurt to use a helping hand. With RssBirthday, remembering dates has become a lot easier.

What is RssBirthday?

RssBirthday is a FREE service that notifies you of the birthdays and anniversaries (or similar events) that you wish to be reminded about. After filling in the dates and subscribing it to your own RSS feed, you will get notified in your RSS reader, as and when that date approaches.

An easy 3-step process to get started:


Nothing out-of-the-box that you wouldn’t have heard of earlier, but certainly very useful. There are many other reminder services online like ‘Memo to me’, ‘BigDates’, ‘Birthday-Reminders’, ‘Birthday Alarm’, etc, but I like RssBirthday because of its RSS feature.

Well, it doesn’t really matter which service you’re using… the main purpose is not to let yourself forget.

With all these and more, you don’t have to feel guilty or embarrassed anymore for having forgotten an anniversary or a special event. Now, when a friend wishes you ‘happy birthday’ sharp at 12 midnight, enjoy the conversation, instead of thinking at the back of your head “Damn! When was his???”

Link: RssBirthday


Deepesh Sodhi May 12, 2009

Birthday reminders on Orkut and Facebook has troubled me more than helping me…..

Even if I get reminded by Orkut / Facebook, I will still forget to wish my friends..and while I try to give excuses they would counter attack saying,,, it was so public even on Facebook and Orkut…..

Not sure even RSSBirthday will be of help.. To be honest, I am feeling too lazy to go and fill up the details at the first place.

Swati May 14, 2009

@Deepesh Sodhi,
For lazy bones… I think will need to search for another way. Will keep you posted on DW if I come across something that could solve your purpose too 😀

Tech Maish January 18, 2010

Woo this is great. Actually my memory is very weak. This is will help me to remember important stuffs for me.