Saving Display Pic of Any Orkut Profile…

This is one of the most wanted topic related to orkut.  Saving display pic of any orkut profile is not just as easy as you are thinking. Right clicking on the profile picture and using “save picture as” option doesn’t work. So solution is to install Single Click Profile Optimizer, a grease monkey script. (how?)

After installing it,  just right-click on the profile picture given in your friend list or scrapbook further click on the picture that is opened by the profile optimizer and click on the option of save picture as….

Check the screenshot for further clarification…. (click on it for larger image)

Link: Single Click Profile Optimizer (by Dhruva Sagar)

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Johnson July 26, 2008

I think the print screen button is a much better option rather then installing a script and overload your browser just to save a small pic. 😉

Rahul Bansal July 26, 2008

Well print-screen is for geeks.. 😉
Personally I “inspect” such images in firebug to get their css, and directly open background url to get actual pic!
I always have firebug installed in firefox..

sauravjit July 26, 2008


but it`s much more convenient than the print screen option….

u can save a pic in just two clicks….:D

Nick July 26, 2008

i totally agree with Sauravjit, y to install a new software when u can just save the pic in two clicks!!

Online Guide July 27, 2008

I think you shouldn’t have posted this. What use is going to be the profile picture to anybody except the owner or some people who impersonate others. I think this will cause problems in the privacy of orkut..

I know there are other methods too like prt screen etc. but as you said they are for geeks so not everybody knows it


Pavan Kumar July 27, 2008

I never tried to save any orkut profile pic, so, never noticed… I use one more method for that which I am going to share tomorrow on my blog. Thanks for giving me an idea for posting.

Debajyoti Das July 27, 2008

I think there is a another way for Firefox Users.

See the top menu bar..

Go to Tools > Page Info > (a window opens) > Media

It will show you all the Images in the page…

An option to Save the Image Comes…

Rahul Bansal July 27, 2008

We all have our own favorite methods to do a task. All I can say thanks for contributing so a user coming here can have multiple choices.

@Online Guide
I appreciate your concern buddy but one who really want to do some task will find a way out somehow. Even dumbest person know to use Google when get stuck.

Online Guide July 28, 2008


Even the dumbest of persons know to use Google , true..

But many are too lazy to do that, or many can’t even gather the right keywords!


Pranay airan July 28, 2008

@ rahul

//////dude a long time ago i have figure out way to save display picture of anyone without using any script, i have given that tricl to orkutplus moderator and asks him to publish but he dont,
I will let you a very simple trick by which you can save anyone’s display picture

1) just right click on anyone’s profile picture appearing on your friends page or scrapbook and click view image (in Firefox)

2) just see the link above just change the text small into medium in the link and click enter you will see the biggest size of display picture available on orkut

3)right click it and save it enjoy without any software or script

Please i will like to see my post on your blog

sauravjit singh July 28, 2008


u are absolutely correct but….

we can`t stop posting about saving a profile pic or how to see locked album pics or anything else related to that.

Well I as a reader love this website because of these post only 😉

Rahul Bansal July 31, 2008

@online guid
You are right buddy but but if a person is so dumb then he must not be harmful. 😉
I really appreciate your concern about peoples privacy. 🙂
But sometime there is positive side to such posts as they save our friends from being misguided by spammers or frauds who like to cash on such things.
Recently, I came across a spam site where they charge in thousands to crack any email ids password.

Thanks Pranay for your trick… Its really nice. I must say very few people might be aware about it. 🙂

TAHIR December 11, 2008

Hello this TAHIR actualy i have problem in orkut display pic am not able to show my pic in disply even i have alrady puted my pic but its not shwing that pic even there us pic also whenver am changing my pic its same as blank in display pls help me whats probmem pls mail me at here [email protected] ,its my orkut likn.

Deepak Jain December 13, 2008

Try uploading ur pic again..

It should work.. At times while uploading profile pic in Orkut your Orkut a/c freezes.. May be that’s the case with you..

rahul January 8, 2009

Just drag and drop

sauravjit January 8, 2009


it’s the dp not an album pic….

rahul January 8, 2009

then just right click–>view source–>ctrl+f–>write .jpg and you can save all the pics which r on the page

rahul January 8, 2009

oh, sorry then you can copy it by right clicking on the page–>view source–>ctrl+f–>write .jpg and you will be able to see and download all the pics which r on d pg

sauravjit January 8, 2009

the way posted above is much easy for a normal user….

nana July 18, 2009

No need of any software just clik and hold the picture and drag into the addressbar then the pic is open in another tab then right click on the pic and click SAVE AS …..Really it works

Sauravjit Singh July 18, 2009


that method is used for saving the album pics not for profile dp.That is definitely not gonna work for a dp

Atish Kumar August 19, 2009

See the top menu bar..

Go to Tools > Page Info > (a window opens) > Media

It will show you all the Images in the page…

An option to Save the Image Comes…

for firefox

sauravjit August 19, 2009


Open a pic then viewing it’s source, finding the right image and then saving it….

Don’t you think the above method is much easier for saving dp’s in bulk ;D

lijubahulayan March 22, 2010

Use firefox browser to load orkut….and drag and drop the image to desktop.

Ashish April 2, 2010

Why to take so much of load. Just right click anywhere on the page. Click view source, then cntrl F, type background.. copy the image url and enter that in a new window. Right click and urr image is ready to save.

preji September 1, 2010

how can i save a picture which is coming blank while saving