Schedule tweets into the future with Taweet

If you want to post tweets on Twitter and schedule them at a future date, you might want to check out Taweet. It is quite a handy website, which allowed me to schedule tweets in the future months from today, to be posted on my Twitter account.



  • The website has a format in the form of a simple question. The question is ‘What are you doing in the future?’ You write in the message and select a date from the calendar also with a specified time.
  • You can select post now and post in real time instead of scheduling them.
  • To schedule a Future Tweet, I needed to do some tweaking to the settings as by default the buffer is set for 12 hours. The buffer is a time frame in which if you schedule a tweet, it gets cancelled or deleted from Twitter to avoid double posts for your followers. I could reduce the buffer to 3 hours which is the minimum.
  • Taweet also allowed me to manage multiple Twitter accounts.
  • It also has a Facebook like feature which allows others using Taweet to comment on your Future Tweet. (see image below).


This is a great website if you want to write tweets and time them in a micro managed way. Scheduling tweets is not really helpful for a time frame of a few minutes or an hour, but it is practical if you are scheduling tweets 12 hours or more in the future. This is quite helpful if you think your followers usually look up tweets in the mornings and you work at night. You can schedule them for the morning in that case. 😉

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