Search for Flickr images with Chrome extension

Flickr is a great website to search for images online. Many bloggers use Flickr to store screenshots but I personally like using Flickr to browse for cool photographs and images. The only issue it you have to set time out for looking up Flickr webpage and then spending some time looking for that particular cool pic you like.

Flickr image search allows searching for images using your Chrome browser. It displays images in a thumbnail format.

About Flickr Image Search

  • The extension once added allows you to search for images on Flickr. The images are show up as thumbnails.
  • This is a great extension for people very active on Flickr and using it extensively.
  • As a blogger it is useful as  I might like this extension to search for copyright free images which can be included in my post. (never forget to link back and give credits if you are using images from Flickr on your blog)

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Try out and install the Flickr Image Search extension and do drop in your comments about your views and any alternatives you might know about.

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baijuskylark July 21, 2010

not bad