Orkut Flood Machine for geeks…

Update: This post is outdated as the Flood Machine no longer available! but you can use alternative scrapbook flooder! πŸ™‚

Details: This post contains link to blog whose content got deleted over the time. The blogger when contacted failed to provide new links and thus this had broken links. We are sorry for your inconvenience… πŸ™


Ananymous July 8, 2007

Hey the link is broken!!!!

Rahul Bansal July 14, 2007

I know dude.. will update ASAP!
The creator of Orkut Flood Machine got his blog deleted so the link is broken… πŸ™

anil February 10, 2008

any secure proxey which can not sense by websense?

Rahul Bansal February 11, 2008

List above contains all secure proxies…
Have you tried them??