Send files through chat on Orkut

The new and latest addition to Orkut is that you can send files over from chat on Orkut. This is in actually probably a test phase before rolling out ‘Send a File’ feature on Gmail.

This feature has also been introduced in iGoogle and according to their blog it will soon make its way into Gmail chat.

  • Before you start using it you must be sure that the person receiving the file also is using either Gtalk messenger or using iGoogle or Orkut to chat and not logged in from Gmail.
  • As of now Gmail does not support this feature but in future it certainly will.
  • This gives Orkut a bit of a head up over Facebook considering sending and receiving files from a social network is a little new and also quite convenient.

Let us know what do you think about the new ‘send a file’ option? Do you think it will add crucial value to Orkut? Do drop in your comments about it.

Link: Orkut Blog

One Comment

Radhe April 24, 2010

its buggy on my ubuntu