Gmail Chat Launching File Transfer Feature

How many of you missed file transfer feature in Gtalk when they moved from Yahoo messenger to Google talk. This is one such feature which I always wanted to have in my Google talk application and after this update from Google team :

Starting today, you can share photos, documents, and other files while chatting in iGoogle and orkut .  To give it a try, just click Send a file… in the Actions menu while chatting with a friend (no download required)


This news come as a surprise to me and this is good news for all the users who are fan of Gmail and it’s services. Gmail chat already integrated Video chat sometime back and enabling file transfer will make it more feature rich and I believe this will fetch them more users from their counter part IM.

I will love to know your reaction for this new feature from Gmail chat team?


Nishant March 31, 2010

Yeah, would save a lot of time to goto rapidshare or other sites and upload it lol.

Paul W. Swansen March 31, 2010

I’m not seeing this yet in gmail chat. Maybe it’s a staggered roll out?

Arshid Shahul March 31, 2010

This file transfer feature is not yet released in Gmail chat till now, but will be released soon. Its been released only in Orkut and iGoogle chat.

blinkky March 31, 2010

Great features…More useful =)

Sumanth April 1, 2010

Nice feature for gmail talk…great work by gmail team….

Harsh Agrawal April 12, 2010

I’m still waiting to see this feature in my Gmail. Hope to see it soon. Thanks for your comment Sumanth. 🙂