Send tweets from MSN messenger

I do not use MSN Messenger on a regular basis but I did have a very active Hotmail account before Gmail was avaialble. Some friends even today refuse to use anything but MSN Live messenger and hence I still stay online to chat with them with Live Messenger. A few days ago I came across a great web service called TwitonMSN which allowed me to use Twitter from my MSN Messenger. πŸ˜‰


Use Twitter from MSN

  • You can visit the website TwitonMSN which will prompt you to add a contact name to your MSN Messenger. The contact is an automated bot which when you log in to your MSN messenger will allow you to connect to Twitter.
  • Just type into MSN Messenger’s chat window whatever you want to. A simple message as in the one shown in the image above is posted as a tweet.
  • The bot also keeps sending you every single tweet on to your messenger chat window.
  • It supports following an username, replying to a tweet and also Retweet. If you drag and drop a picture file into the chat the image is then posted along with a tweet. πŸ˜‰
  • Even sending a direct message is possible by typing it in the following format “d username content” .
  • For a comprehensive command list type in “commands” and for help type in “help”. πŸ™‚

I found this quite handy, even though I do not spend a lot of time on Live messenger. But for our readers who are using Live Messenger this feature will surely be very useful.

Send in your comments and let me know your opinions on TwitonMSN.

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Uttoran Sen November 29, 2009

yep, after i got into gmail, i have not touched yahoomail and msn mail in a long time… but will check out this stuff, if i can tweet from msn messanger then will surely have an excuse to use this messanger agian…

noro May 18, 2010

if you’d be interested to send messages to twitter from YM I would have recommend it but now i can recommend to change msn to ym πŸ™‚