Top 6 Most Useful Windows 7 Sidebar Gadgets

Windows 7 , the  latest operating system by Microsoft, has been introduced with plenty of new features to take over its predecessors  Windows XP and Vista. Few previous features has been improvised to further strengthen Windows 7.

One such feature is Desktop Gadgets.  Gadgets are light-weight single-purpose applications that can sit on the user’s computer desktop to ensure higher usability. They are generally designed to do simple tasks, such as clocks, calendars, RSS notifiers or search tools and can be placed on the sidebar, on which they are automatically aligned.

Here is list of 6 most useful Windows 7 Sidebar Gadgets:

  1. App Launcher:


You can add applications, folders or Local drives to the App Launcher by dragging and dropping or by using  settings.

Download App Launcher

2. Ultimate Search Explorer:

Ultimate Search Explorer

The Ultimate Explorer allows you to search different websites conveniently from your desktop in a single compact tool. You can search Amazon, Google, Digg, YouTube, Yahoo, Drugstore, The Pirate Bay, Wikipedia etc.

Download Ultimate Search Explorer

3. Media Player Gadget:


This ties into your Windows Media Player library and allows you to easily search it.  It also displays album artwork, track information and enables visualizations while playing a song.

Download Media Player Gadget

4. TweetZ:


TweetZ is specially designed for Twitter users, as it work s like twitter client. You can tweet and reply by accessing your twitter account using this gadget. It includes  URL shortener that automatically shorten long links.


5. FB Explorer:


If you are a Facebook addict then this is one is the best Gadget for your windows 7 desktop. With the help of FB Explorer you can check all the information about your Facebook account on your Windows 7 desktop.

Download FB Explorer

6. AdSensor:


This  gadget is for Adsense users.  AdSensor shows your current AdSense earnings on your desktop and saving time from checking every time on website.

Download AdSensor

link credits: Windows Live Gallery


Uttoran Sen November 29, 2009

love the adsensor, since we also got this habit of keep checking adsense stats from time to time…

campster April 13, 2010

adsensor is not working for me. could it be because of my proxy?

Anurag Mittal August 18, 2010

Hey Aditya, I was trying FB Explorer. I think they have remove that gadget. Is there any alternate for it or any air app? for desktop only and specifically for FB.