Share Highlighted Text and Links as SMS from your Browser!

Sometimes when I am searching for a particular address online, I like saving it as a text message on my mobile phone. This is quite useful to refer back to it, while searching for that particular place in a cab or foot.

Textme is one such web service which allows users to send selected text or even links via SMS from the browser itself.

Features of onTextme

  • Textme is a simple web service which allows users to share text, images and links from the browser to an mobile phone in India.
  • This is done by installing a browser add-on. I tested it with Chrome but add-ons are available with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari.
  • The service is free and without ads, which is a big plus as the last thing you want are more text ads on your phone.
  • Developers and site owners can also insert Textme buttons on their websites to make sharing content via SMS a lot more easier.

Video Demo of onTextme

Try out Textme and do drop in your comments and views.

Link: onTextme

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Dinesh May 2, 2012

Can i also just just text as message instead of links.

Omkar May 3, 2012

Cool! Liked it