Share webpages from Chrome to Email, Social networks and blogs

If you come across a web-page you like you might be using certain toolbars or features form an RSS reader to share web pages on various social networks, blogs and even through email. For instance I had a few days ago written about how to share from Google Reader to Twitter, Facebook and other services. But what I really would enjoy, would be a one stop shop for sharing a webpage.

Now it is quite an inefficient way to share a web-page as often, what you are doing is sharing a page from one service to another by using a third service. For instance you share a online article from Google Reader to Facebook, Twitter or even through email.

This is where I like Google Share extension for Chrome browser. With a simple click of a button I can access almost any web service to share the web-page across a host of services.


This is great as I do not have to only rely on Google Reader to share online pages. What if a page has no RSS feed. Google Reader has recently launched the option of monitoring changes in a webpage without RSS feeds which is still handy; but you cannot possibly expect to only stick with a reader for reading interesting material and wanting to share it.

I like this Google Share extension simply because it means now I can share an interesting post through email or a social networking service with just the use of my browser and not a web service acting as a go between.

Try out Google Share extension for Chrome browser and let me know what you think about it through your comments.

Link: Google Share extension


Chethan January 27, 2010

Thanks..I just Installed this Extension and will share your article through that! šŸ™‚

Aditya Kane January 27, 2010

thanks chethan.