Share your iTunes library using Dusty Tunes

image 1 For all you music lovers… Would you like to share the music in your iTunes library with the rest of the world? A new website called Dusty Tunes makes it easy to do just that. It is a FREE online service and very easy to use.

With Dusty Tunes, you can create your own personal web page automatically, with a list of all the music in your iTunes library and other sources. It will organize the XML data into a list and then provide you with the links so that you could share your music further with your friends on blogs, forums, websites, digg, and social networking sites like Facebook.

Within the website you can browse user’s collections and when possible preview and buy tracks via iTunes. If you can’t find anything you like in other people’s lists, then you can use the ‘Tune Search’ feature to search for specific items. You could also comeback to the website again and update your page with all your recent favorites.

Macworld UK said:

“Dusty Tunes offers a rare chance for others to explore your musical tastes from the cool and contemporary tracks to those guilty pleasures that might otherwise be hidden from public view.”

How can you upload your iTunes library?

  • Register for an account and login
  • Browse for your file
  • Select the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file from your computer.
    • Normally found in: My music > itunes > iTunes Music Library.xml
    • Mac users should look here: Music > iTunes > iTunes Music Library.xml
  • Upload file

That’s it… you can start sharing your list!

(Source: Dusty Tunes)


Hash May 10, 2009

Nice idea but wonder how it would fare against free file sharing… like Napster, kazaaa, bear share,etc

Swati May 11, 2009

Can’t say… difficult to draw a comparison…
Anyone else who knows???

prateek May 11, 2009

indeed a nice technology

tripledecision May 11, 2009

I have to agree, this is pretty cool. Going to try it out now….

Swati May 11, 2009

Great! If possible, do share your links with all of us here 🙂