Tune Up Media – Give your music library a facelift!

Have you ever noticed how the ads for iTunes or Windows Media Player look? The media library is splashed with a riot of colors which has great cover art for every album stored in there. My iTunes in contrast has nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. Correction. My iTunes had nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. With almost just a single click, my latest find had my library set to rock n’ roll.
Tune Up Media is an iTunes and Windows Media Player attachment which instantly organizes you music library.

How To Create Wallpaper Using iTunes

Recently, I was using iTunes and I came across a trick to create wallpapers through it. By this trick you can create any wallpaper of your choice. 1.Open iTunes.Play any song. 2.Press Ctrl+T to turn the visualizer On. 3.Now pause the song you are playing. 4.Now,press Ctrl+F to switch to full screen mode. 5.Wait for […]

Facebook Application: Facebook for iPhone

“Facebook for iPhone” is a very important application for iPhone or iPod Touch users from all over the world. By using this application you can start a conversation on Facebook chat, update status from anywhere, upload photos, view your friend’s status or photos updates or simply find a phone number of your friend. Download Application: […]

How to Copy Music and Videos from your iPhone to your Computer

Most of us might be using an iPod or even an iPhone to carry our favorite music collection everywhere. Usually I load my iPod with all the latest music releases which I’m able to collect from my friends and relatives computer. But the problem comes when we want to copy those songs from the Apple device [ipod/iphone] onto our computer. iTunes simply doesn’t allow you to do this. So how do you copy your favorite music from your iphone to computer.