Simplest way to transfer files between two smartphones – Bump

Review of Bump, an Android and iPhone app that can be used to transfer files likes videos, contacts, app recommendations and more between two different phones.

While meeting people it if often difficult to exchange phone numbers, photos or files over smartphones all that easily. It also can be a troublesome to an extent to quickly transfer a photo you took on your computer. What I do is upload the file to my Google Drive account which then becomes available on my laptop.

An app called Bump does a great job simplifying transfer of a file or contact details from one phone to another or from a phone to a desktop.

How Bump works:

Transfer files between devices with bump app
Transfer files between devices with bump app

Bump works on iPhones and Android. If two people have the bump app installed then all they need to quickly connect their phones is open the app and bump their phones lightly into each other.

This triggers the phones to connect with each other. The phones ask permission to connect with the other phone and files can easily be sent to and fro.

The app on the phone can also be used to transfer files from a phone to your laptop. Just open and bump your phone on the spacebar. This triggers a connection between your computer and phone. The transfer actually happens through the website.

We can even send files from our computer to the phone in the same way, except the file needs to be selected and uploaded to the website before transferring it over to the phone.


Why I am hopeful of Bump’s future!

There might be more apps that offer similar services but I have high hopes from Bump. The reason being they were good enough to get acquired by Google. Since Google is trying to get it’s services interact across platforms, Bump being a hit on Android and iPhone bodes well for its future.

Try out Bump and drop in your comments.