The logic behind questions asked at job interviews [Infographic]

Infographic that explains logic behind some of the 19 most commonly asked questions at a job interview.

If you have been to a few job interviews there are some specific questions that you might have come across more than once. Personally for me one of the most asked questions were “Where do your see yourself in 5 years?” and “Why do you want to work with our company?”.

While many cover what the ideal answer should be for such questions, there is actually a logic behind asking such questions at an interview. The logic or the hidden reasons are really not to see if you know the answer to a  question but to get a candidate reveal more about themselves.

Sample Questionnaire has this nice infographic on 19 common questions asked at job interviews and what the hidden logic behind these questions are:


If you are attending job interviews then it might be a good idea to go over the logic behind these questions to answer more appropriately at your next interview.

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Arun Sathiya October 5, 2013

Me being an Engineering student now, this infographic will obviously help me, not just me, everyone, in the next four years. A helpful infographic! (y)

Rishabh Dev October 7, 2013

Great post! I think most of the real meanings of each of these questions vary with the position a person is being interviewed for. The reason these questions are the best ones for recruiters / interviewers is because they are all so open-ended!

Techiebeat October 16, 2013

well Great post dude 🙂 It will really helpful for the college geeks to get prepared for their interviews 🙂