Social Micropayment Program for Bloggers – Flattr

Flattr_micro_paymentBlogging can be frustrating, especially when you are starting out. Most bloggers write posts part-time and manage to find some time to create new content which is appreciated with Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘Retweets’.

But nothing says “I like your post” like money does. And Flattr allows bloggers to contribute small sums to good bloggers they appreciate.

How Flattr Works for Bloggers

  • If you are a blogger, then sign with Flatter. Mark out some money you are willing to be distributed.
  • That money could be as less at 3 Euros (the site has default currency as Euro).


  • This money is then distributed to other bloggers on whose posts which have the Flattr button and users have shown appreciation by clicking on it.
  • As a blogger, you can also earn money by adding the ‘Flattr’ button on your blog posts. Flattr supports WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other popular blogging platforms.

I find the concept behind Flattr a very good one. To be honest, it is not a replacement for advertising revenues from blogs but mainly useful for new bloggers to get recognition and some revenue from people who appreciate their content.

Try out Flattr and tell me if you like the concept? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Flattr


Techno October 23, 2011

Looks interesting. 🙂

Aditya Kane October 23, 2011

@Techno: Yes it is interesting. BTW – in a unrelated matter, can you please use a nickname or real name to comment. Use your website name is against our comments policy.

Jagan Mangat October 24, 2011

World ain’t that much simple and smooth,how stratups look at it.How newbies gonna get paid.Millions of appreciate-able posts,writers,how people gonna manage whom to appreciate and whom not to?People appreciate the stuff which serves them and journalism isn’t serving them much.People which are not related to technology,don’t deal with money and payments and people related to technology demands perfection in journalism,well newbies are not perfect(hmn…just started the blogging!!).