[Software] Manage Google+ from your Desktop on Windows

As a blogger I often like to use Digsby to get desktop notifications in real-time from Facebook and Linked In. At the moment Digsby does not support Google+, but there is a new desktop client for Windows users named GClient.

I have used it and I found it quite useful to stay in touch with what my friends are sharing on Google+. It also is a nice way to quickly type in an update, without the need of using my browser.

GClient Windows for Google+

  • Download the software, and install it. It will need your Windows OS to have .NET Framework 4.0 installed on it. If your computer does not have .NET 4.0, get offline downloader here.
  • Once installed, type in your email address and get the License Code for registering the software.
  • After the Registration Code is inserted the GClient for Google+ can be seen in an icon in the system tray.


I have not used this desktop application for more than a few days, but it is quite useful if you are addicted to Google+. In case you still prefer using your browser then look up these 10 great app and extensions.

Do try out GClient and drop in your comments.

Link: GClient