Standalone Working Orkut Scrapbook Flooder for New Orkut!

This is standalone scrapbook flooder for new Orkut by Aditya Sanghvi.

I have tested this and it works just great!

Click here to download this small (Size: 36KB) application (for windows only)


  1. It requires Microsoft .NET framework, so download it if you do not have it! Its free… πŸ˜‰ (size: ~22.4MB)

How to use:

  1. This flooder automatically opens Orkut Login screen. Use your Orkut login information to login.
  2. Navigate to the scrapbook you want to flood.
  3. Write whatever you want to flood in small text box in top-right corner. (see screenshot)
  4. Click on Flood button beside that box to start flooding.(see screenshot)
  5. When you had enough click on Stop button to stop the flooder. (see screenshot)

Adityas Orkut Scrapbook Flooder Tut - Devils WOrkshop

Word of Caution:

If you flood something like 300 scraps in one shot, your account may get blocked for 8-10 hours and you may see a “page not found” Orkut error page. Use carefully as if you get daily ban say for a week your account may get deleted too!

Have questions? Feel free to ask! πŸ™‚

Links: Download | Aditya’s Original Post | Contact Aditya

I forgot to mention requirement for this flooder. Thanks Asad Ali for bringing it to my notice! πŸ™‚

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Yaser September 25, 2007

Hey guys awesome job yaar, Thanxx a million yaar, keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal October 5, 2007

Thanks for encouraging words Yaser! πŸ™‚

xxx March 9, 2010

boss its lukin very tought to download framework…i tried to do dat but it is not installing…i tried every scrapbook flooder for orkut…none is working on scrapbook specially javascripts

xxx March 14, 2010

on this scrapbook flooder flooder button isnt cumin m writing text but its not coming

Asad Ali October 9, 2007

its not working , means as i downloaded and run the application it says Aplication initaizling fail…… tell me what to do

Rahul Bansal October 10, 2007

Sorry Asad, I forgot to mention it needs .NET framework… So download .NET framework first!

aarav June 6, 2010

how to download this

Nirav January 24, 2008


I Have Tried But It But After Pressing Flood

Page Changes And It Display “False” On The Page…. Rest Of The Page Remains Blank….

Rahul Bansal January 24, 2008

Hi Nirav… This scrapbook flooder is not made by me!
So it may not work as orkut keep changing its code!

You can try our firefox extension for orkut scrapbook flooding. It comes with automatic update feature! πŸ™‚

ajay April 17, 2008

itz un believeable……
thnx dude..u save me….

Rahul Bansal April 18, 2008

Ur welcome buddy… πŸ™‚

Sunny July 5, 2008

Gim me a workin scrap flooder which flood more than 1000 at 1s plz i beg u

nit October 17, 2008

yaar sab kuch download karne k bad flood button didn’t appeared

notieboie October 22, 2008

whn i logged in …….flood button is not working
i cnt click on that
but it is appearing……

Subhankar October 27, 2008

Hey Yaaaar…!
The FLOOD button is disabled….why it happnss….?

Gary October 29, 2008

i downloadded evry thing……….but i can’t click flood button

nishant October 30, 2008

yaar it is not working . TELL HOW TO USE IT.

sammy October 31, 2008

dude itz downloading ……. wait ill give u back a reply after downloading the software itz working or not

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

I guess its very old software and stopped working recently… πŸ˜‰

dilip November 21, 2008

yaar after dowloadin and startin it ithe flood button is disabled i cant click it bro tell me wat to do

Pritam December 2, 2008

Ya Rahul Its Very OLD PLZ Do Something For US@Rahul Bansal

Zohaib March 7, 2009

Yaar this Flood button is disable
how can i enable it to click on it and start flooding?
pls pls pls reply soon

BaaLi March 26, 2009

yarr tht FLOOD button doesn’t seems to be appear after entering text in tht required box and m unable to press tht Flood button ! =(

vccccc May 1, 2009

i think we can never flood in orkut……..b cos it has firewalled its servrs

amit May 9, 2009

oh ! man jo flood ka button hai uss par click nhi ho rha hai

wat to do now ????????

waiting for your reply !!!!!!!

hari June 3, 2009

it doesnt work sometimes………….

Basant July 10, 2009

flood button don’t appear.
how to flood say me

sullu July 15, 2009

software is running but flood icon at top is remain gray after writing d scrap
tell me how it will work

aaaaaaa July 23, 2009


Tushar July 29, 2009

i type in enter text box but it doesn’t work

siddharth August 9, 2009

hey flood buten iz disable

robin September 3, 2009

dear flood option is nt working ….!!as whn i log in after tht i write anythnk in small text boook bt after flood option is nt working pls help me regarding this as soon as possible..!!

yogesh September 13, 2009

The FLOOD button is disabled….why it happnss….?

muskaan November 20, 2009

itz not working :((

the flood option is disable 😐 πŸ™

reply asap πŸ™‚

Gauhar November 22, 2009

Brthr after dowloadin and startin it the flood button is disabled i can’t click it bro tell me wat to do …

can u help me ???

jot November 30, 2009

flood option shows disable

SARATH December 2, 2009

the flooding opion nt working. I mean its disabled!![:(]

Anish December 18, 2009

dude ur flooder is not working

rigzin December 31, 2009

its nt working???????check some other???????or repair 4 new orkut

vijay May 7, 2010

hey bro. FLOOD Button is not active means its not appear then how to do yaar…
please reply as soon as possible…


raj November 25, 2010

hi, bro howz you going man! here is the problem which is occurring is that the flooder option is dimmed means not dark or not working what many be the possible reason for this

sujith February 9, 2011

am already installed .net. Write the text in textbox but flood button is invisibi