Get Quick Related Stats of Any Website with StatMyWeb

I often come across a host of websites to write or review for this blog. Sometimes it helps to get some basic overview of information on any website. Recently I came across StatMyWeb, which has some interesting free online tools that give out stats and analysis related to just about any website.


Stat My Web Features

  • The website does give a lot of detailed information which is available on different sources but not in one place.
  • It shows up an overview summary of the particular domain. Here in the image below are statistics related to


  • Other information included in the results are traffic and graph analysis from Alexa, country wise daily visitors map.
  • It also has Domain name information like when was the website created, when does the domain name expire and other meta information of the website.

I also found another useful stat showing how many pages in the domain were indexed by Bing, Yahoo and Google. This might be useful for people looking to looking to get a quick idea on if Bing and Yahoo are not indexing the file as well as Google.

If you liked Stat My Web, I would also recommend using BuiltWith which churns out a analysis of the platform and technology used to build the site.

Even though such sites are good to get good details on a particular website, I would caution on not taking the traffic and earning statistics at face value. These values are based on different sources like which more often than not are not entirely accurate.

Thanks to Philip Anderson for the tip. Do try out Stats My Web, and drop in your comments.

Link: Stat My Web

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Srinivas Rajkumar February 14, 2012

The information provided by this tool is highly inaccurate I checked for my site here it is check for devilsworkshop as well

Aditya Kane February 14, 2012

Actually only Page View, traffic and earning stats are inaccurate, which I had clarified in the post. This is mainly because only Google Analytics could give the accurate figure and the rest are estimates at best.
Rest of the stats and analysis were quite accurate.

Emina Zec January 10, 2013

Those stand alone checkers on StatMyWeb looks really nice, but they are pretty much useless or don’t give very useful information.
There are tools that give much more information such is: that is free seo web based tool that gives very detailed website analyze.