BuiltWith – Check website analysis and SEO information with Online Tool

builtwith_onlinetoolWebmasters and bloggers all over want to know more about their competition. This usually means looking up other websites. Getting too obsessed with the competition can actually be harmful, but a little bit of analysis and understanding is a good way to learn from your competition. BuiltWith is a website which allowed me to look up a lot of useful information on just about any website.

BuiltWith Features

  • Just type in the name of the URL of the website you want information about. Once that is done a report is generated.
  • I could look up the website’s technology profile. Information like which servers are used and which platform, the site was hosted on including the version of the platform. It also gave information regarding which analysis tools (eg: Google Analytics) and advertising services (eg: AdSense, Ad Words and infolinks) were used.
  • Also it look up information on the Widgets and social media features which are present on the website.
  • When it comes to SEO related information, I got to look up decent information regarding keyword frequency and top 10 keywords being used. To view SEO related information you have to register free to access the data.

As I continued using BuiltWith, I found it quite useful to learn about various other platforms and things common to websites using those platforms like Blogger.com or WordPress. I do not think it will be helpful to analyse your own website. Use this one to do a bit of spying on your competitors. 😉

Do drop in your comments and views.

Link: BuiltWith


gaurav February 14, 2012

Pre Analysis of website comes as one of the most important factor and can not be neglected at any cost.

before starting work on project, better if you work on all week points of websites so that in future hurdles in process of getting high rank becomes less.