[Stats] WordPress Platform Used by 48% of the top 100 Blogs!

This blog runs on self-hosted WordPress platform, hence I have always been interesting in keeping tabs on the popularity of WordPress. Blogging as an activity is also at a all-time high and WordPress seems to dominate the top 100 blogs. According to Pingdom, out of the top 100 blogs in the world, 48 have adopted WordPress.

Interestingly 39% of these top blogs are using self-hosted WordPress while 9% are using WordPress hosted service. That means more blogs use WordPress hosted than any other popular platform.

Movable Type which was quite popular once as a blogging platform is losing steam fast. This might because the top 100 blogs might have changed and chances are newer blogs are more prone to use WordPress.

Tumblr over the past year has really grown a lot. I wrote about how it has a lot more pageviews than WordPress.com or Blogspot.com blogs. While WordPress.com actually dominates with more visitors than other blogging platforms, clearly showing it seems to be better from a search engine optimization perspective.

This blog too started on Blogger and later migrated to self-hosted WordPress. If you are blogging which platform are you using? Do drop in your comments.


Mridul Pareek April 16, 2012

Even am starting my website on blogger & will later move it on to WP! 🙂

Aditya Kane April 17, 2012

Why not try wordpress.com and then move it to WordPress self-hosted.

Rohan April 16, 2012

The list of top 100 blogs on that site is not correct, so I have doubts about overall statistics. The top 100 bogs list is not including the most popular technology blog labnol.org. The 100th number blog have the Alexa rank of about 60000 less than Devils workshop having the Alexa rank of about 22000. This list also not including the popular blogs like problogger.net, johnchow.com. So overall, this list is totally incorrect and can’t be trusted. The top blogs hosted on WordPress would be more or less I don’t know, but this list is not correct.

Aditya Kane April 17, 2012

@Rohan: Firstly Technorati is a very popular blog ranking website.
Alexa takes it data from the toolbar which many bloggers do not have installed (me included). Also this list says nothing about being top 100 tech blogs but its a list of top 100 blogs. This includes blogs like Huffington Post which is ranked #1.

The blogs you mention are popular but not yet close to being in the top 100 blogs in the world. Personally I would not pay much attention to Alexa rankings as it has once ranked YouTube ahead of Google. Check this link.

Rohan April 16, 2012

Talking about blog hosting. Currently I am using Blogger to host my blog. But as every top blogger is using WordPress and I think WordPress have lot more blogging potential, I am thinking to shift to WordPress hosting. I don’t when it will be possible for me, but I am thinking in that direction.

rahul April 20, 2012

As per my own experience wordpress is best blogging software.
It’s gives so many features as compare to other CMS.

pratik April 23, 2012

After starting my blog on WordPress after using Blogger I am not amaze that most of bloggers are using WordPress as it gives us really a lot of flexibility and functionality to work with.