Find Similar, Alternative or Related Websites with Online Tool

Lately, I have started spending a lot of time on Flipkart to keep track of a certain books I am interested in buying. Usually I end up using MySmartPrice for the cheapest options.

That said I wanted to look for a good list of all similar online retail services in India. A great online tool to get similar or alternative websites for a particular one is Websites Like.

Websites Like Features

  • The website features a search feature. Just type in the keyword to find related websites.
  • If you want to find similar websites, just append the site address to . For example will give out results of sites that are similar to our blog.
  • The website claims that it has alternatives for over 1 million websites. I must say that sometimes the most obvious results are missing. For example, when I type in “Google Search” it does not return Bing but a host of SEO and Google related websites. Then again, users would not be looking for the most obvious results anyways.

It would have been nice to have a search bookmarklet or Chrome extension to make it easy to use Websites Like on the fly. Unfortunately at the moment I will just have to bookmark this one for now.

Do try out Websites Like and drop in your comments.

Link: Websites Like