Switch Idea – Find Jobs Using Your Social Media Accounts

I am sure most people reading this post have a profile on some sort of social media websites. LinkedIn is very popular with professionals but how about leveraging other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in your job hunt.

I recently came across a interesting website called Switch Idea. The website mainly acts as a platform for professionals and freelancers to get jobs. Job seekers are notified via their social networks.

How Switch Idea works

  • For job seekers just fill in some details about yourself and associate your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with Switch Idea.
  • Users can also add their Resume onto the sites. All this information is available on a publicly shared VCard (Virtual business card).

  • You can register as a employer too and create new job posts. Users are notified via their social media accounts.
  • Employers can then award the job to the ones who have responded.

As the website is pretty new I am not sure how good this is for professional placements but I think it might be good idea to get a profile on it anyways. Also this seems like a great platform for freelancers and employers who are looking for freelancers.

Try out Switch Idea and let me know what you think about it in your comments.

Link: Switch Idea


Praful November 2, 2012

Good concept, kinda techy

Arup Ghosh November 5, 2012

Great technique and easy technique to apply jobs.