Speed up your Gmail for Mobile Experience

In April, Google had introduced a new version of Gmail for iPhones and Android-based devices. Today, Google launched some improvements to speed up the Gmail for mobile experience.

Some recent improvements:
1. Faster address auto-completion: As you begin typing the first few letters of a name or email address, Gmail for mobile will display the possible contacts.
2. Keyboard shortcuts enabled for Android-powered devices with a physical keyboard: You can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through your inbox.

Google Android Based Netbook Launched In China

If there were Oscars for the biggest tech buzz of the year, then Netbooks would have already won it for 2009. Sooner than anticipated by market watchers world over, Google Android on a Netbook, is now available.

Today morning, I posted about the recent Netbook market trends and how ASUS is developing a netbook based on Google’s Android platform. But leaving ASUS and others behind in the race, it’s a Chinese manufacturer – Skytone that has won the race.

Microsoft XP in less than $15

Well, well, don’t jump over! While the news is still reported to be a leak, it also has some ifs and buts!

The exact news (leak) is that Microsoft has dropped the price of Windows XP for Netbooks to under $15 per license, which is almost one third of the price of a Windows Vista license that Microsoft typically charges the manufacturers of normal laptop makers when they bundle it with their products.

T-Mobile’s G1 Tweaked for Multi-Touch Support!

Since having a glimpse on the multi touch feature in Apple’s i-phone, every mobile phone user wanted to see this feature on their Nokia or other branded mobiles too. iPhone was hyped in around the world just because the unique multi-touch feature in it. People just went crazy to have a look and feel on […]