Build Android applications with no programming knowledge

Google has recently introduced a website on which just about anyone can create a Android application. No, I am not talking about Android being open source and hence any programmer can create a app. Anyone means anybody, even people with no programming abilities. The great thing about Android App builder is that it allows us […]

Twitter Official Android Application is Live

Twitter has been in news all the time. recently the launched @anywhere platform and announced that they are moving their authentication method to OAuth only. Today Twitter news is they have released it’s long awaited Android application. According to official blog announcement Twitter for Android is a fantastic application to use, and sharing any link […]

Google TV to be showcased next month during Google IO developer conference

A couple of months ago I wrote about Google getting into Television with its android apps for Dish Network and also entering with agreements with TV set manufacturers. I recently read on Mashable that Google TV will be unveiled during Google IO developer conference next month in May. Google IO Developer conferences is where Google […]

Will Google run your Television in the future?

Google is into the business of Internet, Operations systems with Android and Chromium and now mobile phones with Nexus. Now that leaves out Television and Google is now rumored to be planning a two pronged strategy to enter the Television market. The first strategy is by tying up with Dish Network where their set top […]

Will Google Nexus be a misadventure?

Google has got into the hardware business with details spilling out across various tech blogs about the new Android powered Nexus One mobile phone. Google getting into making mobiles will mark a shift of focus from web services to a hardware product.

Expected Specifications of NexusOne by Google

Nexus will have a proximity sensor/light sensor along with a touch screen.

Google Adsense For Mobile Application

Google has unveiled the beta version of its Adsense for Mobile Application advertising campaign for mobile applications on Apple’s iPhone and Android phones. This is the partner program for mobile application developer which allows to integrate Adsense networks ads into their mobile application. The advertisers bid for placement of their ads on developer’s application.

This is a very good news for both mobile application developers and the advertisers. Mobile application developers can make some extra income from Google ad integration and advertisers can get more targeting customer’s when they are engaged with the application.

Vopium: For cheaper international calls from your mobile handsets

Vopium, the popular mobile application based option to make VOIP based calls, is now also available for Android. With the launch of Vopium’s mobile VoIP application in the Android market, Vopium is all set to offer even android users a better international communications channel. More people across the globe can make cheaper international calls, at […]