Build Android applications with no programming knowledge

Google has recently introduced a website on which just about anyone can create a Android application. No, I am not talking about Android being open source and hence any programmer can create a app. Anyone means anybody, even people with no programming abilities.

The great thing about Android App builder is that it allows us to get just simply used predefined drag and drop boxed into the interface and create new applications. This basically can be quite revolutionary where in we could create simple customized applications for various things we might need on our phone.

The idea by Google is not really to create Android app makers out of all of us. What Google hopes is that it can get more developers started and familiarize themselves with Android. More the number of developers getting interested in making Android Apps will only end up helping Android.

At the moment we can only sign up for this App builder and wait for access. Sign up but visiting the Android App Builder landing page.

Look at this video demo to see how Android App builder can be used.

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Do you use think this would help Android increase its developer base? Do drop in your comments.


Google TV gets Official: Set to replace your Idiot Box

Google has officially unveiled its much talked about product – Google TV, at Google I/O conference. A device running its Android operating system to integrate Cable Tv with Web Browsing! Google Tv gives you a realistic means to surf the internet, while you are watching your favorite Tv programs side by side.

Every year, google has introduced something big at Google IO Developer conference. Google Wave was came in as an announcement in the same conference last year, which never was a hit, but the concept was real big. We had already announced that Google TV will be showcased in this year’s I/O Conference. Google has partnered with Sony, Logitech and Intel to bring its product to the market.

Google wants to dominate internet completely, and for this the company is invading internet in every possible way, whether it be your computer, mobile phone, notebook and now, your TV! Here’s the official Video to make it make clear to you:

As the company says, Google TV is a place where “Tv Meets Web. Web Meets Tv“. What do you think about it? Let us know!


Twitter Official Android Application is Live

Twitter has been in news all the time. recently the launched @anywhere platform and announced that they are moving their authentication method to OAuth only. Today Twitter news is they have released it’s long awaited Android application.

According to official blog announcement

Twitter for Android is a fantastic application to use, and sharing any link or photo is super simple too – just look for the share button in your favorite application and choose Twitter.
Reading tweets is easy in a bunch of places on your phone. Quickly access your timeline with the home screen widget, view a tweet location on a map, and see your friend’s latest tweet in your phonebook, Google Talk list or any application that uses Android’s Quick Contact bar

Here are some screenshots for Twitter Android application :

twitter-android-application twitter-android

You can download Twitter for Android from Android official market.

Do let us know if you are using Android powered mobile phones and your review about twitter application for Android.


Google TV to be showcased next month during Google IO developer conference

A couple of months ago I wrote about Google getting into Television with its android apps for Dish Network and also entering with agreements with TV set manufacturers. I recently read on Mashable that Google TV will be unveiled during Google IO developer conference next month in May. Google IO Developer conferences is where Google usually showcases the next big product they are going to introduce. Last year they had introduced Google Wave.

Google will introduced the Android based Television platform during this conference and has probably entered into deals with hardware manufacturers like Sony, Intel and Logitech, who will release products on Google TV platform.

In all probability Google is betting that most television content in 5-10 years will be handled through internet connections and having a television platform will give it a great head start over competitors regarding apps and search content features.

Why is Google eyeing the TV screen?

There are three screens which dominate our everyday life regarding managing and accessing information. They are computer, mobile and television screens. Google already has a presence on two out of three and it wants to now have a presence in handling information on the TV screens.


In the future we might not really have channels regulate timings for our favorite shows but we might have to subscribe to shows through the internet and download or stream favorite shows on our television sets. This will be surely a place for Google search to get involved for people to search through a large repository of data on which show needs to be looked up by customers.

Google also owns YouTube and if YouTube videos could be streamed online to our television sets it could completely change the way we watch TV.

So what do you think? Will Google change the idiot box like it changed the internet? Do drop in your comments and views.


Will Google run your Television in the future?

Google is into the business of Internet, Operations systems with Android and Chromium and now mobile phones with Nexus. Now that leaves out Television and Google is now rumored to be planning a two pronged strategy to enter the Television market. The first strategy is by tying up with Dish Network where their set top boxes will run on Android. The other part of this strategy is a tie up with Sony to build Television sets with Android based format.

Google Android on Dish Network…

Google has tied up with Dish Network, one of the biggest satellite television providers. An android powered set top box will allow easy access to content from YouTube directly. It also might make a difference as it customers will be able to create playlists and subscribe to specific content. Also with both the set top box and the mobile phone being Android there should be interesting potential for combining the two seamlessly. Google might make money through selling ads on the network.


Google Android on Sony TV sets…

Sony Television sets might be programmed with Android based platforms. This will again be high competition to services like TiVo. This move is on the basis that the future of Television content will be through the internet. We can probably expect a decent browser for looking up web content and also access to YouTube along with Picassa web albums.

Will Google be too powerful?

This will raise a now increasingly common debate that is Google getting too powerful with access to all we look up on the internet and now they might have access to content we have on Television. Would people be comfortable with Google having access to which channel you watch more and hence give you customized ads?

What do you think about Google’s foray into TV platforms? The prospect is surely exciting but the downside is something people might be not very comfortable with, atleast in the present.

Do drop in your comments with your views.

Link: Gadget Review | Telegraph


Will Google Nexus be a misadventure?

Google has got into the hardware business with details spilling out across various tech blogs about the new Android powered Nexus One mobile phone. Google getting into making mobiles will mark a shift of focus from web services to a hardware product.

NexusOne Google Mobile Phone

Expected Specifications of NexusOne by Google

  • Nexus will have a proximity sensor/light sensor along with a touch screen.
  • Nexus One will have Android running on it.
  • Specifications on a camera are not clear but it will support Google Goggles and hence it might come with a 5 MP camera.
  • It is expected to have WiFi Radio and Bluetooth.

What does Nexus One mean for Google?

I have no doubt that Nexus One will give a pretty strong push to the Android OS but this does mean Google is shifting some of its focus from internet services and products to a hardware product.

Microsoft which had done the same by entering the market with Xbox and b have not made any major breakthrough in term of huge financial windfall. But they have much deeper pockets compared to Google.

I wonder if this will be a misadventure for Google because inspite of having their customized hardware and Android OS, Google will finally have to convince carriers about adopting the Nexus phone.

What do you think about this new development? If Google gets this right could we see a Google Netbook powered by Chromium OS in a few years?

Let me know your thoughts through your comments.

Link: Gizmodo


Multiple platforms on a single mobile phone

VMware is working on Mobile Phone (Particularly Smart Phone) Virtualization, which would be commercially available in near future.

As hardware of mobile phones is closing in on a Netbook, their software development is also progressing at the same pace.

In an interview to Computer World, Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware’s head of mobile phone virtualisation said the company’s vision for virtualisation on smartphones went beyond the basic dual-boot prototypes.


They are also working on usage of multiple operating systems at the same time.

“We don’t think dual booting will be good enough – we’ll allow you to run both profiles at the same time and be able to switch between them by clicking a button,” he said. “You’ll be able to get and make calls in either profile – work or home – as they will both be live at any given point in time.”

Also VMware has successfully demonstrated Android and Windows Mobile on a last generation smartphone with 128MB. (Nokia N800)

Pros: With implementation of this technology users can use Apps of all installed platforms. Thus Increasing Apps Base available to users. One can get advantages of all platforms, that to on cost of one Hardware.

Cons: Customer has to pay for license of Multiple Platforms along with VMware software.

Combination of this technology with dual sim devices would work well. It would be savior for people who need multiple smartphones. With just one hardware they can get benefits of two smartphones.

So what’s your take???

Though it sounds pretty cool, do you think it would be really helpful???

Interview Link:Computer World


Turn Android users into robots with Gmail

I must give credit to Google for the quirky additions they make to their layouts and features which often keep changing the way we perceive Google. The latest quirk by Google is that when you are using Android phones and have the chat box open on your phone you might show up as a robot to other users on Gmail.


Green Robot on Gmail

This feature when activated on Gmail, will show up a Android phone user as a green robot instead of the regular green dot. You can also add this feature on your Gmail account through the Labs section.

  • Click on Settings while you are on Gmail and then go to Labs.
  • In Labs you need to enable a feature by the name “Green Robot!” as shown in image below.


  • From then on your Gmail will show your friends who are logged-in with an Android phone as  green robots. 🙂

This is just one of the quirky additions that Google makes to its regular products. Sometimes I wonder if such quirks are gimmicks to create a buzz or just a stage for their developers to push the envelope. All things said and done I feel Google is really good at giving itself that geeky image time and again.

What do you think about it? Let me know with your comments.

Link: Gmail Blog


Google Adsense For Mobile Application

Google has unveiled the beta version of its Adsense for Mobile Application advertising campaign for mobile applications on Apple’s iPhone and Android phones. This is the partner program for mobile application developer which allows to integrate Adsense networks ads into their mobile application. The advertisers bid for placement of their ads on developer’s application.

This is a very good news for both mobile application developers and the advertisers. Mobile application developers can make some extra income from Google ad integration and advertisers can get more targeting customer’s when they are engaged with the application.

Susan Wojcicki, Vice President of Google Product Management said “We have already had a successful trial of this service with a small number of partners, and are excited that we can now offer this solution to a broader group.”  on official google blog post.

Check out the testimonial video of Adsense for Mobile Application:

(Source: Google blog)

(Image credit: Imagashack)

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Vopium: For cheaper international calls from your mobile handsets

Vopium, the popular mobile application based option to make VOIP based calls, is now also available for Android. With the launch of Vopium’s mobile VoIP application in the Android market, Vopium is all set to offer even android users a better international communications channel. More people across the globe can make cheaper international calls, at the same time enjoy high call quality.


The applications should be downloaded after which it:

  • Seamlessly integrates with the address book
  • Intelligently recognizes international numbers
  • Automatically re-routes calls via the Vopium gateway
  • Uses 3G, GSM, and GPRS networks to ensure that all international calls are made using the cheapest method available
  • Preserves the highest level of call quality
  • Gives you a saving of up to 90 % on international calls
  • Allows Vopium Wi-Fi users to call each other around the world for free



It is compatible with more than 500 handsets across:


Java, Symbian, BlackBerry RIM and Windows Mobile, as well as offering complete applications for the iPhone App StoreSM , BlackBerry App World and Android Market.



It is to be noted that when a user calls from their home country, a local rate may be applied by their operator. When calling from abroad a roaming charge will be applied by the subscriber’s operator. Wi-Fi calls made with Vopium will not incur additional charges from a subscriber’s operator.

To receive 30 minutes of free calls and 30 free SMS, just download and register with Vopium from Android Market.

Vopium is free to download at

Is anyone using this service? Do share your experience with us.

Link: Vopium

[Disclaimer: Please ensure that the Telecom laws of your country permit you to make VOIP based calls using the service.]