Download Google Photosphere Camera App APK

Google Photosphere helps you shoot 360 degrees photos, wide angle shots and even that’s above or below you. Google Photosphere is limited to the Nexus devices. Recently Google launched the stock Galaxy S4 and stock HTC One. Both these devices were found to sport a redesigned stock camera app. This camera app APK has been ripped out by WinDroidGuy from XDA developers.

This camera ap APK file brings Photosphere to non Nexus devices. It works flawless on your Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 with TouchWiz, Galaxy S3 and HTC One with Sense. It is assumed that this new camera app will run flawless in all the latest devices running Jelly Bean.


Image Credit : Android Central

This new camera app shows a minor change in the radical menu. It’s in the form of a semi circle now like in Android 4.3. The settings shown in the camera app are now more visible. This is sure to give the user more control. Also, with this new camera app, you can take photos by pressing the Volume Up or Down key.

Few Things to Note

If you are running CyanogenMod 10.1 or above, you’ll have to uninstall the existing Gallery.apk first and then install this camera app APK. And also note that the image quality in this camera app is found to be bad compared to those shot with the default OEM camera app.

Download Google Photosphere Camera App APK | Via Android Central


Robird – Holo Styled Twitter Client for Android

Google Play has a huge collection of third party Twitter clients. There are both free and paid apps. Robird is a new, emerging Twitter client that is based on Holo sytled theme. The app looks beautiful and is amazingly fast. The app loads your tweets within seconds and scrolling between the tabs is smooth.

Robird Features

  1. Robird gives us auto refresh option with a time period.
  2. Live streaming for the timeline and the mentions tab so that you will never have to refresh. The new tweets and mentions will automatically display from time to time.
  3. Support for TweetLonger and TweetMarker sync.
  4. TweetLonger links automatically expand right inside your timeline. You can read the full 140+ characters tweet right in your timeline.

robirdImage Credit : Robird on Google Play

Is Robird Available for Free?

No, this is a paid app and is priced at $2, the equivalent Indian price is 120 INR. Well, I’d say that the app is really worth this price in my opinion. The app is currently in it’s development stages and there are numerous other features that will be coming to Robird soon. And as per the reports on Google Play, the next update will feature multi-account support and a tablet UI.


Before you Purchase the App

If you haven’t known, there is an issue when it comes to using third party Twitter clients. Twitter provides only 100,100 tokens to the third party Twitter clients. This means that only 100,000 users can be using the app at a particular time. This is one of the most common issues faced with Falcon Pro which has around 1 million users.

Considering Robird, this is a new Twitter client. It won’t have a huge number of users right now and hence seems to work pretty flawlessly.

Link: Robird on Google Play


How to Encrypt Your Phone Data on Android

If your phone falls into the wrong hands, unless your phone is protected by some kind of lock such as a pattern or password, it will be very easy for that person to make use of your data. They will easily be able to access your email accounts, social networking sites, make purchases etc.

A screen lock is surely the first step but that’s hardly going to put off a determined thief. The SD card could be removed or the phone could be connected to a computer and the data copied. Fortunately Android has an option to encrypt the data on your phone. Unfortunately this simple security tip is often overlooked.

Before you encrypt your phone

Be very sure before you start. Removing encryption will mean resetting the phone to factory settings.


Also remember to fully charge your phone. The encryption of your phone will take a couple of hours. Also do not use the phone while the encryption is taking place as it will erase some or all your data.

This feature is available from Android 2.3.4 onwards.

How to Encrypt your Android phone

  • Go to “Settings” and click on “Security”.


  • Go to “ENCRYPTION”


So now, if you have an SD card, you can either encrypt both or either one. I personally would suggest you move all your personal data to the SD card and encrypt that alone. This will help your phone regarding the speed issue. And if you are encrypting your phone, it’s necessary to set a password or pin.


After this, the encryption is ready to begin. Sit back and let your phone get secure.

Do you use any other encryption tip for a phone? Do drop in your comments.


Google’s Stock Android Keyboard Available as an App on Google Play

Android being an open source ecosystem, there are many apps available to suit the users’ needs. There are many top keyboards available on Google Play. SwiftKey and Swype are the top two Android keyboards that everyone love. If you are a Nexus user or a Nexus devotee, you know pretty well that the stock Android keyboard from Google is also a great choice.


Image Credit : Google Keyboard on Google Play

Unfortunately till yesterday, the stock Android keyboard was limited only to the Nexus users. But from today, every Android user running 4.0+ can get the stock Android keyboard from Google Play and install it on their device. According to the latest reports, this new stock Android keyboard app is available only to the English speaking users right now. The other countries like India don’t have this update yet. Google assures that it’ll be brought soon.

The stock Android keyboard boasts of some of the great features like Gesture Typing, Google voice typing, Next-word suggestions and current-word completions. This Google keyboard has dictionaries for 26 languages and has various keyboard layouts. Works perfect on your tablets too.

This new update is similar to the stock Google Calendar app for Android devices that was introduced last year.

Link: Google Keyboard


Twitter launches Vine App for Android: Create and share 6 second videos

After nearly six months, the much widely used and loved short videos making app Vine is now available on Android. With Vine for Android, you can make short videos lasting just for 6 seconds. These short, looping videos are really interesting. Launched in January 2013, Vine now has over 13 million users. That’s just on the iOS platform, huge figure right? Now that it is available on Android too, this figure is sure to multiply to a big one very soon.


This app is simple to use. With a continuous tap on the screen with your finger, you can record the 6 seconds clip with ease, and then share on Twitter. Sharing to Facebook will be brought soon.

This newly released Android looks a lot like its iOS counterpart. The Vine for Android app displays four tabs by default. The Feed section displays the list of short videos made by those whom you follow. The Activity shows notifications. The Explore tab brings you to some of those popular videos on the Vine database. The Profile section lets you to review your previously made short videos.


There is something that you would like to keep in mind though. The Android and iOS versions of Vine won’t be the same. Twitter claims that both the versions are different from each other and will continue to be so. As of now, Vine for Android has one exclusive feature which is zoom.

The features like shooting with front facing camera, search, mentions and hastags are available only in the iOS version of Vine for now. They’ll be brought to Android soon, says Twitter.


Link: Vine on Google Play

What Vine Means to Us

For many Vine might sound pretty much like Instagram expect that the former deals with videos. If you remember well, Instagram was first bought by Facebook in April ’12. Later, Twitter brought its own image filters and a took a straight punch at Instagram. Instagram Twitter cards are no longer shown on Twitter official site or TweetDeck.

To make things much more interesting, Twitter decided to bring this new service called Vine. This service aims to take down Instagram by letting people deal with short videos, bringing their life to motion.

Will Vine be Really Successful in the Android Ecosystem?


While Vine is a hit in the iOS ecosystem, it is a new comer to Android. Will this be successful on the Android world? I personally think that Vine for Android will be really successful in this Android world.

At least the Indian Android users will love this service. Android being the giant in India, most of the Indians will be ready to shoot interesting short videos of their beautiful country. So, as said earlier in the post, the number of Vine users is sure to take a big step from the 13 million users count.

What’s your thought on Vine? Are you one of those who waited too long to get this amazing tool on your Android device? Do share your thoughts with us. Also let your Android friends know about this new Android app.


Download – New Updated Gmail App APK Available

Google has finally updated their app for Gmail on Google Play Store. The update brings a major redesign of Gmail on browsers and also their apps. Gmail has already started rolling out new design for browser users. The tabbed categories seem to have people excited and they show up on Android.

What is new with Gmail App for Android?

Gmail App - New redesign

  • First big change is the left side navigation bar. It slides out if on touching the top left hand corner.
  • The Navigation bar shows easy access to the categories your mail is sorted into and also the multiple Gmail accounts you have hooked up to the app.
  • It also supports swipe to refresh on the main screen. This is much better than searching for the refresh symbol that used to exist before. Overall the layout is cleaner and simpler to use.

When is Gmail app out for update?


The update was pushed through yesterday but it will takes days for everyone to get this update. It might even be months before your turn comes up.

Try looking up if the app is up for an update on the Play store. If you we can also download a APK version manually.

Get Gmail App right now


The Gmail APK is posted by Android Police and can be downloaded to get the latest layout for Gmail. Before you install the app go to Settings >> Security and select the the option to allow app installation from unknown sources.

Also check out how to enable smart labels and new Inbox on Gmail on your desktop.

Did you try out the new Gmail app on your Android phone? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Gmail App (Play Store)Gmail APK (Android Police)


How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Your Android in Minutes

The Android ecosystem is coded beautifully and provides a huge collection of apps that one can use. But the most amazing thing with the Android world is that, one can easily root one’s Android device and get much more interesting stuff. The Android owners can easily ditch the stock ROM and move on to popular custom ROMs like CyanogenMod. But installing custom ROMs need root access to that Android device.

Rooting a particular Android device can be really easy, provided you have the necessary guide. You can easily root your Android device by doing a simple search on Larry Page’s most favorite search engine. Just type root guide for <your Android device name with model number> and you’ll results.

Once you root your Android device, you’ll need a custom recovery tool like ClockworkMod Recovery to flash the custom ROM. Custom recovery tools like ClockworkMod Recovery are far better than the stock recovery because the latter enlists many restrictions from the manufacturer and also is much feature-less. This post highlights on how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Android with ease.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing ClockworkMod Recovery:

  1. Make sure that your Android device is rooted.
  2. Make sure that your Android device has at least 85% charge. Make it 100% just to be on the safe side.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery?

  1. Install ROM Manager that is available on Google Play.
  2. Once installed, open it.
  3. Find the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery and click it. (See image below)
  4. The app asks you to choose your device model. Make sure that you select the correct model number.
  5. Once you select, the app will start the installation process. Wait a few minutes. And finally, you have installed ClockworkMod Recovery!


That was pretty easy, right? Now, it’s time to have some fun. Flashing custom ROMs, themes, apps and a lot more becomes easy with ClockworkMod Recovery now. Also, you can take full backup of your Android with Nandroid backup using ClockworkMod Recovery.

Did you find this post useful to you? Do share your thoughts with us.

Link: ROM Manager


HTC One with Stock Android on June 26

On the heels of Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android being announced at Google I/O, Google is bringing a HTC One running pure Android on June 26. The HTC One has been a highly rated as the best looking Android phone out there.

The HTC One Nexus (HTC One with stock Android) will go for sale on Google Play on June 26. It will be available only for US consumers for now and the only variant available will be 32 GB. This Nexus styled variant of HTC One will be priced at $599. It is interesting to note that the stock Samsung Galaxy S4 is also being launched on the same day with a price tag of $649, $50 more than the stock HTC One. The software updates of this stock HTC One will be delivered to the users straight from Google without being customized by HTC.

stock-htc-oneImage Credits : HTC Official Blog

HTC One with Stock Android – Features

  • This HTC One with stock Android will start shipping only with a silver color.
  • Similar to the HTC One, this stock HTC One will also be having a quad core Snapdragon 600 chipset and is clocked at 1.7 GHz. 
  • This HTC One with stock Android comes with an unlocked bootloader and it will ship SIM free.

Despite the fact that HTC One is regarded very highly as a phone, the company itself has been facing many issues regarding supply chain and revenues. So it is worth watching if its availability is erratic on the Google Play Store – as compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 device.

Do you think HTC will be successful with this stock HTC One? Do drop in your comments.

(via HTC)


[How to] Unlist Your Phone Number on TrueCaller App

Websites like TrueCaller easily allow people to lookup the name of the person to whom a phone number belongs to. It behaves mainly like a global directory. Truecaller itself has some useful apps too on Android and iPhone. The android app actually displays the name of person if the phone number that you are receiving a call from is not saved in your contacts.

But what if you do not want Truecaller to list your phone number? In the interest of privacy, Truecaller has an option to unlist your phone number.

TrueCaller Unlist

How it works:

  • Visit Truecaller’s unlist page and type in your details.
  • Enter the right captcha and your phone number becomes unlisted.
  • I was surprised that it did not send a confirmation code or something on the phone but then it makes sense. If it does not ask permission before listing them, they do not need to unlist them either.

Though unlisting your number is useful for privacy, TrueCaller can be very useful to get notified of numbers which give you those spammy marketing calls which you wished, you had not answered.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Truecaller Unlist


How To Revert to Google Talk from Hangouts in Gmail

Google integrated every chat platform Google has created into a single one named “Hangouts”. Codenamed “Babel”, Google Hangouts was announced at the Google I/O 2013 event. Hangouts will make cross-platform chatting or messaging a lot more easier.

While Hangouts looks pretty brilliant both on the outside and the inside, it is still in it’s development stages. The Google+ Messenger still exists on the Android ecosystem. Google is yet to kick that and merge that into Hangouts.

Hangouts isn’t as impressive as Google Talks. Hangouts lacks some of the most basic features like displaying the online status of a particular contact properly. The Hangouts app on Android doesn’t show which friends are online at present. But the Hangouts on Gmail for web gives you a hint of the online status – that is, the online friends’ display picture is highlighted with a green line at the bottom.

You can read more about Hangouts here.


How to Remove Hangouts on Gmail for Web?

Removing Hangouts on your Gmail for web can be pretty easy. It’s really simple that it goes unnoticed by most of the people. With just a couple of clicks, you can move to the old, familiar Google Talk.

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. The Hangouts section loads at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Once it loads, click on the Arrow mark near your name and choose Revert to old chat.
  4. A confirmation box opens up and you should confirm that you want to move to Google Talk.


Once done, you’ll notice the old, familiar Google Talk in the place of Hangouts. Now you can easily see the list of your online friends.

If you ever wanted to upgrade to Hangouts again, just click on the Arrow mark near your name again and click the “Try the new Hangouts” option.

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