Bring IE into your Chrome browser

A couple of months ago you might have read about how Google decided to make Internet Explorer better by injecting Chrome into it.  All you had to do was install Chrome frame and Internet Explorer would be faster especially while viewing HTML5. Now here is a new twist to it.Google through an extension allows us […]

How to subscribe to a blog with just a single click? [Chrome]

This is one is for Chrome enthusiasts who also like to subscribe to various blogs. I love to read and hence I end up subscribing to a lot of different blogs. They can range from tech to history. I use Google Reader as I can easily share what I liked through Twitter and Facebook. But […]

Quickly scroll with Chrome browser [Video]

There is a song with the words ‘I am just a monkey man’. I am not kidding you, its a fact. The reason I am telling you this is while looking up Google on a friends computer to prove that Rollings Stones actually had a song with the words ‘I am a monkey man’ ; inadvertently I came across a very interesting Chrome extension called Quick Scroll.

Twitter + Google URL shortener extension for Chrome browser

Google’s Chrome browser now supports extensions and the internet has been buzzing with information on new extensions out there. Literally hundreds of extensions are already out there for Chrome. I am using Chrome a lot now a days and if I reflected on it a bit, I think I probably spend more time using Chrome than I […]

Gmail meeting scheduler with Chrome browser

Last month I wrote about a Firefox add-on which installs a meeting scheduler for Gmail. The meeting scheduler was pretty decent with a lot of options for scheduling a meeting and inviting others for the same. It was seamlessly integrated with Gmail. Does you chrome have extensions? Make sure your Chrome browser supports extensions. This means the […]

Password Exporter: Backup Your Saved Passwords in Firefox

We all love Firefox for many reasons. One of them is its feature to store usernames and passwords. The best thing about this is, we can see saved usernames and passowrds if we forgot them. Here is an excellent add-on which can allow you to export and import saved passwords. Such exported data comes handy when Firefox crashes or you want to set-up a new Firefox on another machine, e.g. laptop.

Using Firebug Console to log from GreaseMonkey Scripts

This is for all Greasemonkey developers who also use Firebug. Firebug is one of the best Firefox extension for developers. To start with, almost every Greasemonkey developer uses built-in API method “GM_log()” to log debugging messages to Firefox’s javascript console. While normal javascript developers use Firebug’s API method “console.log()” to log debugging messages to Firebug […]

Save Background Images Easily in Firefox with Backgroundimage Saver Addon

In Firefox, it is always easy to save images. All you have to do is right-click on an image, and select “Save Image As” option. But many time it happens that when you right-click on an image, this option does not appear. Even worse a small transparent image is saved like in case of Orkut […]

Download Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 3

Orkut Toolbar, the most famous firefox add-on for orkut users is not updated for latest Firefox 3 version yet. When you go to orkut toolbar page, it says This add-on is for older versions of Firefox… Now thanks to Stanley for making orkut toolbar compatible with firefox 3. You can install it from here. Orkut […]