Track Google Buzz updates with Chrome extensions or with RSS feeds

Buzz is a decent service, nothing fantastic but it is not bad either. I personally think it will be might just be that balance between Facebook and Twitter but really things will unfold more only in time. At the moment if you do not like Gmail Buzz you can certainly turn it off or even stop the updates from coming into your Inbox.

Browser Plugins to See Mutual Friends on twitter

Whenever i come across any profile, i would want to know, who i have in common or, Which of my friends are following him? And since, all of his updates would be visible on my twitter page, so, Is he reliable enough to follow back? Since most of the twitter users still use to access their twitter accounts. The plugins below, will let them discover mutual friends, from their twitter domains.

Get Twitter exposure of any page you visit

A few months ago I reviewed Google Sidewiki which was Google’s way of allowing you to put up your comment on any webpage. At that time there was a bit of a mini-controversy on the point that Google is allowing un-moderated comments on websites with Sidewiki.
Here is a new extension on Chrome browser called Twitter Remarks which allows you to look up people’s comment on the webpage through Twitter.

Browse online pics and videos in a 3D layout [Video]

Browsing through images can be a little boring and monotonous but there is an extension which works really well; using a 3D like interface for looking up images or even videos. CoolIris is a extension which works on Chrome and you can just about browse any image online with its very interesting graphical browser. Before […]

Share webpages from Chrome to Email, Social networks and blogs

If you come across a web-page you like you might be using certain toolbars or features form an RSS reader to share web pages on various social networks, blogs and even through email. For instance I had a few days ago written about how to share from Google Reader to Twitter, Facebook and other services. […]

Use a dictionary in Chorme browser to improve vocabulary [Video]

If you love to blog or write you might like to sit with a dictionary even though it is quite impractical. Not just so that you avoid spelling mistakes but also get the exact context of a word you come across. Many of us might not have English as our first language of choice and […]