Apple Beats Google in Race to Launch Cloud Music

Apple and Google might be rivals in the mobile market with iPhone and Android respectively. But now this rivalry is moving online. The battle is over”Cloud Music”  the online music store.

Apple has completed the work for an online cloud music storage service and is all set to launch it ahead of Google. Though both of them has been  beaten by the Amazon with it service called ” Amazon Cloud Drive“.


What will Apples Cloud Music storage service do?

  • Apple plan will allow its iTunes users to store their music tracks on the server and access them anywhere through the internet.
  • Google was expected to launch the service for the Android last Christmas but they did not. Amazon had launched the service early of the April 2011, without considering the new licenses which may got to legal process.
  • Now three of most valuable companies are in a long term war over the cloud music storage.

There are still some interesting questions left, like how will these company tackles the licensing process?

Apple will have an edge of Google and Amazon as it has many iTunes user which we didn’t think of migrating to other services. Also it has a millions of iPod users who would want to use this service.

Google has to keep their Android user happy with the music store and they will mainly focus on the Android only. As far as Amazon is concern it will be difficult to them to survive from the Apple and Google even though they had launched the services earlier.

Important dates over Cloud music:

  • Dec 2009  Apple bought the “Lala” a cloud based company.
  • May  2010  Apple shut down “Lala” .
  • May 2010 Simplify Media, bought by Google closed down.
  • Mar 2011 Amazon launches Cloud drive.
  • April 2011 Google acquires PushLife.

So who do you think will dominate cloud music service? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Reuters

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Anand September 17, 2011

Now facebook came in to music, this make competion more stiff. I predict apple will go high than others….