Best Regular Expression Tools for Programmers

If you are a programmer, then you must have encountered regular expressions sometime back in your carrier. If you are good at regular expressions, then hats off to you. Otherwise there are some tools which can make your life easy. There is one online and one offline tool  that I often use for regular expression […]

Moving a WordPress blog from a subdirectory to subdomain preserving permalinks

Many bloggers like to keep their blog in either subdirectory (ex: or subdomain (ex: Generally personal blogs are hosted under subdirectories and blog dedicated to services hosted under subdomains. Anyway, if one want to move his wordpress blog from a subdirectory to a subdomain or vice-versa, it is possible to do so without […]

Enabling CURL on Windows+PHP+Apache Machine!

This is for all php programmers using Windows. If you are planning to use CURL library on PHP then you may encounter an error like below. Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in F:projorkutfeedstrunkindex.php on line 15 I encountered above while developing orkutfeeds. Curl is by default not enabled on PHP on Windows although […]

Setting Up Firefox as IDE for Firefox Extension Development! [Firefox Developers]

This article is intended for all geeks who are working on firefox extension development! If you are new to this then you may want to start with shortest tutorial for firefox extension development! This is small but important tutorial for those who seriously want to develop firefox extensions. As there is no good IDE for […]

Online C, Java, Javascript, JSON, PHP, Perl, SQL & other Source Code beautifier (formatter)

Many times you see source code which is very hard to read due to lack of proper formatting. Many of my friends who are working on various third-party programs on orkut from time-to-time needed to swim through highly unformatted javascript codes! 1000 lines of code written without any line brakes, forget about whitespaces & indentations. […]

Orkut is coming out of sandbox! Submit your Orkut Apps!

If you are new to OpenSocial and Sandbox, then you may start with Beginners Guide To OpenSocial & Orkut Sandbox! It covers all FAQ! Orkut is enabling developers to make their social applications available to orkut users. OpenSocial developers can submit their completed applications till Feb. 15 Later this month,  if your app passes Orkut […]

Blogger To WordPress Traffic & Permalinks Redirection Plugin

Major Update: This plugin’s new version has been released with many new features like: Zero changes requires on WordPress-side. Plugin handles everything automatically on WordPress. New configuration wizard help you setup redirection without much efforts. Supports importing from multiple blogs. Add supports for “rel=canonical” & “meta-refresh” tags on which will speed-up redirection. This […]

Beginners Guide To OpenSocial & Orkut Sandbox! [covering FAQ]

In this post, I will try to clear your doubts on orkut sandbox and opensocial API. In the end I will be listing resources that you can use and bookmark! #What is OpenSocial? From wikipedia, OpenSocial is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google, and released […]

3 Free Sites for Downloading Old Versions of your favorite Software!

Sometimes upgrading to a newer version can be a good thing. Other times, your computer may not be compatible with the new version, the new version is bloated, or all the options you liked are no longer available. There could be many reasons where you like old version of a software and want to use […]

Firefox: 4 Ways to Make Old Extensions Compatible with Firefox 2.0

With Firefox 2.0, many of old extensions facing compatibility problem! Gleb Reys posted 3-ways to make old firefox extensions compatible with firefox 2.0! The three way covers up so many details that u will end up either making ur old extensions compatible with firefox or removing them for sure! The 4-th way I’m presenting here […]