Get notifed by email if your website is down

If you own a website you might have shared you own issues with having your website down. For a blogger this can also mean precious loss of traffic and subsequently a loss of revenue. is one such website that monitors your website and sends you an email if it goes down.

Was it up? Email Notification


  • conducts a HTTP HEAD request and checks if the statud code is 200 OK. This means it checks if the page you have submitted is up and running.
  • If you specify a text within the url, it checks if the text is present or not in the HTTP body.
  • Once your website is down you receive an email. Your website is checked every 5 minutes. πŸ™‚
  • You can monitor upto 10 websites per account.

I think this would be quite useful for someone who is working part time as a blogger or might be away on vacation for a few days. Obviously at such times a email notification of the downtime would be greatly beneficial.

Let me know what do you think about through your comments. πŸ™‚


Shahab December 11, 2009

Just started monitoring with this service. Lets see how it works!

Funny-India December 11, 2009

thanks for this but i prefer which is free [i guess] and also sends u SMS to notify you.

Aditya Kane December 11, 2009

Pingdom is free for monitoring one website. The other packages it offers are paid services.
It ofcourse has support for trouble shooting. But thats mainly viable for bigger websites. For small websites this option seems better.

Simran December 11, 2009

Registered for this service.. lets see hows its performance now

Gaurav December 11, 2009

Thanks for this great share of information, its really helpful for webmaster and system administrators.

bisomber December 11, 2009

I think http://site24x7 is better and has better functionality. The most important thing is that it is monitoring in 1 min interval & is completely free for 2 websites. Hey dude belongs to u ?

Sourish Nath December 12, 2009

I was using pingdom until now . will use it too