Important – Major Changes to rtBlogs Network

Hi All,

You might have noticed a major downtime today for Devils Workshop as well as other blogs in rtBlogs network.

We were pushing a major update where we merged all blogs in rtBlogs WordPress multisite inside rtCamp’s WordPress multisite. The goal was to centralize our user’s login info so that they can easily contribute to our blog network, as well as use support forums at rtCamp’s product portals easily.

In the long run, you will be using a single account to:

Important Notes:

Our current move many have some side-effects. So please check few things:

  • If you are using our Google AdSense Revenue Sharing program, please check your posts to see if they are displaying your ads.
  • Also check if your posts are attributed to you only
  • If you are not able to log in, try resetting your password with email-address you used at the time of registration.
  • If you see your user-name changes, please do not panic. We are expecting few usernames to be changed as we merged two user-bases.
We have triple-checked many things, but still in a big community like this, things may go wrong. Whatever issue you may encounter, do NOT panic!
You can use comment form below or our contact-form to reach us. Please give as many details as possible while contacting for technical support (related to above issues).

While today’s changes will most likely go unnoticed for a while, we hope to surprise you with our next round of changes. The good thing about next round is, there will be no downtime! 😉