CNN-IBN Forum for Students – Now Whatever You Write Will Be Read By The World!

Shortly called CFS (CNN-IBN Forum for Students) is a platform launched by IBNlive for students to Write or Blog on any National or International issue that they feel strongly about. From official CFS website, Blogs written by students will be displayed on our official website This platform aims at guiding students to understand how […]

Firefox Text Formatting Toolbar with HTML, BBCode, Wiki Code support!

This Firefox Text Formatting Toolbar works with any textbox (textarea tag) on any website! Support for HTML, BBCode & WikiCode means you can use this with almost every website. So lets install this first! Requirement: Works with Firefox Only! So Download Firefox if you don’t have it! Installation: Click here to install! A pop-up will […]

Orkut becomes Indian Youth Icon for 2007!

Just read on Orkuts official blog that Orkut becomes Indian Youth Icon for 2007! The competition was organized by MTV & Pepsi! Orkut now joined the league of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (in 2006), Shah Rukh Khan (in 2005), Rahul Dravid (in 2004) and Anil Ambani (in 2003) as the winners of Pepsi-MTV Youth Icon. The […]

FireTorrent : Firefox Extension for Downloading Torrents Without any external torrent client!

FireTorrent is Firefox Extension for all Torrent Lovers! While there are few extensions already out there on similar lines what makes this kool is its easy interface! Can you imagine it is so easy that you don’t need any external application like µTorrent or bittorrent?? Just click on a torrent link and the downloading will […]

BlogCamp Pune on 16th June – A Event every blogger should attend!

Yes, this weekend Devil gotta some great plans! Being a blogger over a year I think its time to meet other animals of same species. Like a human a blogger have some social needs and there can not be a better place than BlogCamp! I was aware of events like this from long time but […]

Using Multiple MySpace Profiles with Firefox Extension!

This extension is for all myspace users using firefox! Clee developed this cool extension – MySpaceToolbarEx using which you can switch between multiple myspace profiles (accounts) with just single mouse click!In Clee’s words, MySpace toolbar with supported for multiple MySpace Profiles. Once you have setup the account info, you never have to type it again, […]

Cricket: Cricinfo Toolbar! Don’t miss world-cup updates!

This world-cup don’t miss anything out there! Well if you claim to be a cricket fan and don’t know about world-cup then I suspect your claim! As they(cricinfo) say it is home of cricket! And now here comes cricinfo toolbar! What will you get??? System Requirements: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0+/ Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ Internet […]

Google’s Cricket fever: Contest, Live Scores, Images, Videos, News & More

Contest For bloggers: As its Cricket’s World-Cup 2007 time, People are suffering from cricket-fever all over the Indian subcontinent as well as other cricket playing nations! To cash the event, Google had started contest for all bloggers who is cricket addict! So if you have a blog dedicated for cricket, then get paid for your […]

Hidden "about:" Pages in Mozilla Firefox!

If u r a web developer or know HTML somewhat then u might have come across a about:blank address/parameter. Actually the developers need to include some more about: addresses for various reasons. These about: addresses are most of the time browser specific and they refers to internal or say hidden pages. What follows is a […]

Firefox: Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 2.0

After waiting for original Orkut Toolbar Developers to update this must have orkut extension I have tried to upgrade it for Firefox 2.0.+ I tested it somewhat before releasing it for download. Please report any problem via comment as eagerly waiting for feedback! #Installation: Click here to install this extension! If you feel that nothing […]