FireTorrent : Firefox Extension for Downloading Torrents Without any external torrent client!

FireTorrent - Firefox ExtensionFireTorrent is Firefox Extension for all Torrent Lovers! While there are few extensions already out there on similar lines what makes this kool is its easy interface!

Can you imagine it is so easy that you don’t need any external application like ¡Torrent or bittorrent??

Just click on a torrent link and the downloading will start immediately.


  • Nice Integration: This extension adds a separate Torrent tab to the Firefox’s built-in download manager. (see screenshot)
  • Options: Provides option for selecting port nos, download/upload limit, location to save files, security & encryption configuration, etc! you can configure parameters like no. of connection, port no. to accept incoming connection, proxy settings, default folder, download/upload limit, etc! Everything like a standalone torrent client!
  • Need More Info: If you like to see more info like no. of peers you are downloading from just click on more info link!

FireTorrent Firefox Extension
(Screenshot 1: Click here to enlarge)

  • Easy Access: Just click on folder name next to Downloaded to as highlighted in above screenshot and it will open the folder where downloaded files are saved!

In their own words…

The FireTorrent extension strives to offer the most user-friendly BitTorrent experience. We’ve integrated the torrents manager as a separate tab in your browser’s download manager, and torrents can be downloaded from any website with a single click.

This results in a great user experience and should be attractive to both people that are new to downloading torrents and advanced users.

So click here to install FireTorrent Extension!

#Quick FAQ:

1. Nothing happened when I clicked the above link?

Ans: The extension is hosted on third party site. So I am sure you can see a Edit-Options stripe on top-side of this page! Just press Edit-Options, Click Allow and finally click above installation link again!

#User Question (by Khan)

1. In download window it doesnt show any file downloading!

Ans: Make sure you are at torrent tab in Firefoxs’ download manager (see above screenshot 1)
#Bonus: Just check out this start page from wyzo guys (developrers of above extension). It lets you search 33 engines with minimal effort. Just select your category (web, torrents, images, video, news, blogs or shopping) and you’ll find the top search engines in the dropdown menu. Conveniently, the most popular search engine is automatically selected for each category. May be its time to change your homepage! πŸ˜‰

So is this end of debate over superiority of different Torrent clients?

Links: Iinstall FireTorrent Extension | Download Firefox


khan August 26, 2007


i have installed this extension for torrent download. it makes a folder for download at the given location and network connections shows its downloading.

but in download window it doesnt show any file downloading.

can you please tell me how to see if its downloading or not in download tab

Rahul Bansal August 27, 2007

Torrent softwares normally doesn’t work in LAN environment! πŸ™
So first let me know from where u r trying all this stuff! I mean it woin’t work from company, colleges!
Also let me know whether standalone torrent client like utorrent, bittorrent, ktorrent, etc are working or not… (in case u hv tested them)!

khan August 27, 2007

hi rahul

i am regular user of bitcomet. i am on lan but torrents are not blocked on my lan. i can download files from torrents.

the problems which i am facing is while downloading in download window it doesnt show the status of downloading. secondly it doesnt show any option to cancel download.

Rahul Bansal August 27, 2007

Actually right now I am in LAN and no torrent software works for me!
The behavior you are talking is what I am getting here! So I thought it might be banned at your place!
So the only thing left is for me to check this extension from home computer! Wil try using this from home and wil let u know results soon!

Sorry for not able to help ya! πŸ™

Avinash Gaikwad August 27, 2007

This Is A Good Program!

Rahul Bansal August 28, 2007

Your Welcome Avinash!
Thanks 4 encouraging words! πŸ™‚

khan August 27, 2007

its ok rahul

i know you can solve this problem easily. please solve it and let me know. its really a great idea you are working on.

Rahul Bansal August 29, 2007

Hello Khan,
I have read your comments again & again and I think you have not switched to TORRENT tab in firefox’s download manager! (see newly update screenshot in post)

As I guessed this extension worked fine from my home PC! πŸ™‚

Let me knw if I fail to get your problem again!

khan August 30, 2007

hi rahul

thanks for your msg. bro i am doing my MS IT. atleast i know i have to go to torrent tab. lol

i have tried all possible things than posted my message.

may be its something on my end i will try again and let you know.

khan August 30, 2007

hi rahul

finally i figured out what was wrong at my end. actually i was using one extension for downloadtweak and because of that extension it has changed the looks of orignal download window of firefox. i have disabled that extension and now on torrent tab its showing download and all other options.

its really amazing that this torrent is giving me download speed faster than bitcomet.

you have done an amazing work.

by any chance you give your source code or you have uploaded any tutorials regarding your programs?? if you have any please let me know.

thanks for your help.

Rahul Bansal August 30, 2007

Thats Great! πŸ™‚

Man sorry if my comment about torrent tab hurt u! πŸ™
I haven’t said that sarcastically! Anyway the problem was with torrent tab (I was partially correct about that) πŸ˜‰

About Source Code…

  1. This extension isn’t mine!
  2. But you can have source code of this as well as any firefox extension!

Here is simple way to get source…

  1. Open install link for extensions from any non-firefox browser! (e.g. IE, Opera, Safari, etc)
  2. Unable to recognize the content, your browser will prompt you to download wizard!
  3. Let file get saved on your harddisk. It will be .xpi
  4. Change XPI to ZIP (rename command)

Thats it! Open it with any Zip tool. Its just like a normal zip file.

About tuts…
I haven’t written any but Google for some or wait for one by me (probably in next month)

Rahul Bansal September 28, 2007


Standing by my words I have written my first tutorial for firefox extension development!

You can Read it here! πŸ™‚

khan August 31, 2007

hi rahul

thanks for the details. is there any other way if i can talk to you.

actually what i am trying to understand is how we can make gmail ids same like people make yahoo ids using their own softwares.

actually i have one yahoo code site that person has developed a software to develop yahoo ids in

i tried but i cant understand how to develop a software to make gmail ids. problem comes when its about captcha.

if you are familiar with this why dont we talk and work together for a great project.

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2007

You can add me on gtalk: [email protected]
N about captcha… there r only 2 ways…. Bypass it or break it! Both are equally time-consuming!
Also wat kinda project you are upto? I guess any GOOD project will never encounter captcha!
Captcha are deployed to avoid spamming or similar kinda automated activity…! πŸ™‚

khan August 31, 2007

thanks rahul

i am adding you on my gtalk. will talk rest of the things in gtalk.

c ya

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2007

K man wil cya there! πŸ™‚

khan September 5, 2007

hi rahul

i am really enjoying your extension. i have one advice.

in next version try to give option of choosing files from the folder like we have in bitcomet.

if a torrent have multiple files we can choose which one we can download.

i hope you understand what i mean.

Rahul Bansal September 5, 2007

Khan this fire-torrent extension is not by me!
Better you contact them if you have some suggestion/feature requests! πŸ™‚

jamie June 18, 2008

when i click the download link, the addon dosent actually install, it flashes up quickly and then stopps, why is this?

Rahul Bansal June 20, 2008

You may be using firefox 3 and this addon may nit be updated…
Let me know if any error message you have recorded

Anders July 22, 2008

When and if will Firetorrent be compatible with Firefox 3? – If it is not compatible, what is your recommendation to use as torrent downloader?

Rahul Bansal July 24, 2008

I am not sure about FireTorrents next version for Firefox 3.
But I stopped using it long time back.
I use uTorrent on Windows and Transmission on Mac. Both are free… πŸ™‚

apollo August 17, 2008

hi ive tried using utorrent on my lan but it does not download at all. are there any methods to bypass the restrictions on the lan thanks

Gman October 26, 2008


I get an error when trying to install the extension. From the add ons window it says:

Could not install the file at

-because: Install script not found -204

Is this add on just for the wyzo version or is it actually buggy/corrupt?

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

Try clicking above link again.
I guess their server was down at that time.
I just checked above link and its working. πŸ™‚

Annonymous November 10, 2008

@Anders – either limewire, or utorrent.

modassir January 20, 2009

my torrent client does not work on my lan ,i think my uni has blocked them,will anyone plz suggest a perfect solution,i shall be very thankful to him,plz send solution on my email address,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Goopet February 14, 2009

download using Bitcomet first you have to port forward it

Utorrent vs Bitcomet

Bitcomet is more better

because when i port forwarded it. it was reaching the maximum speed only if the seeders is so much
to port forward you to go to your ip address
you will find your ip address in “”
to find your ip address in it you will have to scroll down or press f3 and find “Your external IP is”
and then go to a web browser
and type your ip address
you will have to enter a Username and a Password
if you don’t know it then you ask your father what is the wireless Username and password and when you got the Username and the password If you are using linksysor just try it on yours you will have to navigate to application and games , port range forwarding and the application name of Bitcomet is “Bitcom” with no quote
and if you preffer to use Utorrent the application name is “utor” with no quote and the “TCP and UDP” should be the same

Rahul Bansal February 17, 2009

You can try solution given by Goopet.


Thanks for alternative solution. I hope many will find it useful. πŸ™‚

You can control memory allocation for firefox.

Abhishek February 14, 2009

great !! firefox is now going to consume 150 mb of my RAM !!

TS December 4, 2009

Using Firefox 3.5.5 & Windows 7. When I click on a torrent file all I get is the original download box.

joey c December 16, 2009

hey it keeps saying unknown time remaining and its at 1000% wat do i do

Curt@dk December 18, 2009

Many Firefox users are using the Download Statusbar, but then FireTorrent doesn’t work at all.

Chetan December 7, 2010


I have installed FireTorrent 2.0.3 IN MY Firefox 3.6.12. I run Windows 7 Professional.
My torrent download starts pretty normally and the entire file is downloaded. However at the end of the entire download, I get the following message
‘File could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of the folder.
Change the folder properties and try again or try saving in a different location’

I am not a techie and would appreciate any help from you.

James December 21, 2010

Great article. I’ve been looking at niche sites recently like which was rubbish! They make you jump through hoops to get an account claiming loads of exclusive content but you can get everything from the main torrent sites like pirate bay. is a total waste of time!