Using Multiple MySpace Profiles with Firefox Extension!

This extension is for all myspace users using firefox! Clee developed this cool extension – MySpaceToolbarEx using which you can switch between multiple myspace profiles (accounts) with just single mouse click!

In Clee’s words,

MySpace toolbar with supported for multiple MySpace Profiles. Once you have setup the account info, you never have to type it again, just selected the account and hit home button and it will auto login to myspace for you, will also support view…

Here some screenshots!

Can anyone out there make it easier? 🙂

Requirement : Firefox


Siddharth April 20, 2007

dude, whats the code behind the hide/show post… i mean which javascript do you use for these posts….
can you tell me…
mail it to me at [email protected]

thanx in advance….

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

Sorry for delayed reply… I have done it after reading this post by ramani!

gregory April 4, 2008

how uu get on myspace from here

Rahul Bansal April 4, 2008

Sorry buddy. Didn’t get your question.