All about deleting messages from your Facebook inbox

Most of the time people ask questions about Facebook messages like how to delete a particular message from a conversation or what happens when we delete a particular message from that conversation, will it be deleted from the receiver’s inbox as well? This post will give answers to all your queries.

1. What’s the difference between new Facebook chat and Facebook messages?

In a recent change in Facebook’s chat and it’s previously launched ‘Facebook mails’, Facebook integrated both Chat and inbox messages. With this new integration, all your messages can be seen on chat as well or you can chat in your inbox. While the ‘Facebook Chat’ is online way of interacting with your friends, ‘Facebook Messages’ is the offline one. Now you can type a message in the chat window of an offline friend and send it to his/her inbox directly.

2. How to delete a particular message from the Facebook inbox?

With the new inbox, you have an option of deleting a particular or few messages from the whole conversation. To do so, open any Facebook conversation in your inbox and click “Actions” on the top of that page. From the drop down list select “Delete Messages” and check the box given with every message you’ve sent or received. After that, click ‘delete selected’ as shown below.

fb msgs-1

3. What happens when I delete a message from my inbox? Will it be deleted from reciever’s inbox as well?

Well no, whenever you delete a message from your inbox after sending it, it won’t be deleted from the receiver’s inbox. Just consider it like Outbox of your cell phone’s SMS. After sending a SMS you can delete a message from your outbox but not from others inbox.

4. How to delete a Facebook message from friend’s (receiver) inbox?

Clearly it’s not possible to delete a message from receiver’s inbox once it’s sent. You can delete that message only if you know the password of his/her account. 😉

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