Top 6 Websites to make free International calls

International callling is now made easy due to rapid development in Networking over the past years. Many Organizations regardless they are Small or Large have been offering these services. Due to raise in competition among these companies, now to survive some organizations are providing the free International calling services. Calling is divided into 2 categories. PC-PC […]

50$ Discount Coupon Dreamhost Webhosting May 2010

We are back with discount coupons for Dreamhost Webhosting for this month. Devils’ Workshop was hosted on Dremahost until we moved to unmanaged VPS some time back to manage our rtBlogs network.  We really had great experience with Dreamhost Webhosting and thus want our  readers to take advantage of it. Just for the info, with […]

Twit2Tel: Make Free Calls to Twitter Friends

IF you have got bored with sending tweets and messages to your twitter friends then try out Twit2tel is an awesome online service which allows you to make free calls to your twitter friends. You can call or leave voice messages that too without exchanging your phone numbers. What do you need? An active […]

7Zip: Free alternative for WinZip and Winrar

I recently purchased a new computer and immediately started to search for WinZip software. The license costs money and the trial ware time limit gets over in a month or so. So now suddenly without realizing that the time limit for using Winzip had lapsed I was stuck with a zip file. This is where […]

Billingmanager: Create free online Invoice

Editor’s Note:  This free billing manager is being discontinued by its company and will not be available effective from 1st October 2011 I am not (and I was never) good in writing accounts. I do not understand terms used by Chartered Accountants as terms used by them are difficult to remember. That is the reason – I […]

5 Online Photoshop Alternatives for editing your photos

Adobe Photoshop, the term that doesn’t require any introduction for itself, being the Number 1 tool for designing, editing, composition, blending etc. But just imagine the cost of Photoshop Cs3, it would be approx 625-650$. After buying it, you need to install it and then you will be permitted to access. But 650$, is this […]

DestructingMessage: How to send self destructing Emails?

Remember the sequence in Mission Impossible 2 where the lead character receives a message telling him of his mission which self destructs a few seconds later on listening to the message. Can we do this with emails?

Yes we can. I found Destructing Message a web service which does exactly that. It allows you to send email anonymously to a email address you want.