Free GPS on your phone – Waze

People in India have a tough time overcoming traffic everyday, as they are hardly aware of alternative routes, intensity of traffic in a particular area, roadworks, etc. Waze is a free mobile application which has been in existence over a year now and a very few smart phone users in India are seen using it. […]

Top 5 websites for converting YouTube videos to MP3

Yea you read it write. Its easy and free ! We have seen previous posts on DW about how to download videos from various sources. But sometimes its just the song,lecture or a speech that you want, which you can put into your iPod, music player etc. The following websites provide the free service of […]

50% Off From HostGator + FREE Blogger to WordPress Migration [Cyber Monday Deal]

This is a quick post for those who have missed our Black Friday deal. The older deal has our Blogger To WordPress migration service for FREE and 80% discount from HostGator. In this new deal, you will get 50% discount from HostGator plus migration service for FREE  provided you signup for HostGator using our affiliate link – […]

FreeApps: Download all the free apps you need with a single click

Almost a year ago I bought a new computer. If you are a tech lover like I am, chances are your computer is full of free applications. The painful process of searching for all these apps starts when you have a new computer.

There is a great solution from FreeApps which allowed me to download all the free software, you possibly might need on your computer.

Download Free Guides And Tutorials Using TheGuideDB

Internet is an ocean of knowledge. But getting the correct resources from this huge ocean is not an easy task. Newbie generally face problems in finding the correct resources for learning. There is a nice search engine for such users known as TheGuideDB by which they can search for various nifty tutorials in few seconds. […]

Share Large Files For Free Online with WeTransfer

We all spend our maximum time online, thus it’s very common that we need to share files frequently with our friends. I have used many file sharing sites, but I like WeTransfer most. It is the quickest way to share your files with your friends. is a web application which allows you to share […]

Top 5 Free Domain Name System(DNS) services

DNS is a naming system for computers, services, or any other kind of resources that are connected to Internet or other networks. The main purpose of DNS is, it translates the domain names into numeric identifiers associated with networking equipment, so that we can locate and address these devices worldwide. DNS acts as an Organized phone-book […]